Dragonflight Photography: Day 4 of the Valentine's Day Giveaway - Tiffany & Co. + Photo-session

I feel so profoundly thankful for all of you sharing your stories with me! I loved hearing about the romantic moments, how you met, and just the little things that your partners do for you! And yes, Kristina I'm a sap! Today I'm going to be photographing Angela's amazing family in Langley and afterwards going to finish up designing/working on the NEW WEBSITE - so I can launch it this week!

I felt so touched that so many of you wrote in the comments section yesterday, real genuine answers, and details! I loved hearing about you and your guys - especially my Brides who have decided to comment too! It's awesome to learn even more about each of you! 

Today's comment question -- What makes you feel sexy or confident? What makes you feel really good about yourself?

I find a really nice pair of heels does wonders - I have a passion for high-heels, especially stilettos! Bring on the Christian Louboutin!

     Boudoir Session with Monica.


  1. An amazing boudoir shoot with an amazing photographer. ;)
    However if you've got that booked and are still waiting for the liberating day, something that you can do until that day could be a new refreshing hair colour, even if its just to brighten what you already have going on.

    Never let your sassy spark fade on the inside or out.

  2. The pics of Monica are amazing! Very sexy in a beautiful way!

    Ashley, you're making this so much fun! Heels are great! A nice dress, heels, and being dolled up can make me feel great ... and throw in some wine and I feel even better! ;) But I have to say age has helped me feel more confident and sexy!!

  3. all your shoots are awesome and the women are all beyond gorgeous !

    what makes me feel sexy is working out oddly :) just makes me feel so good about myself when i get in a run with the puppy or anything physical ..heels always do the trick too :)

  4. Getting all done up and wearing a new outfit, especially when its bought especially for me from my man.

  5. Ashley this was an amazing idea this blog has been the highlight of my day for the past few days. I agree with you on the heels too heals always make me feel more sexy and confident. I also agree with Kristina that age has helped a lot too. I also find what makes me feel confident and/or sexy is that first time you get to wear a new piece of clothing, make-up, shoes, maybe a new haircut etc out to work or with friends.

  6. thanks for sharing ladies! I find i just instantly feel sexier with false eyelashes. Not crazy ones, just the edges - I love them! And yes, the heels do a number! Recently I went to BCBG in Whiterock, they were having crazy sales, and purchased a new dress - got dolled up with heels and felt like a million bucks (okay the weight loss/toning up has helped too!).

  7. my post keeps getting deleted...

    Just wanted to say our photoshoot today was SO fun!! Mika loved you and was so comfortable. I am excited to see the pics.

    Sexy and confident? being healthy. When I am not healthy, bleh.... I also love a good pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and barefeet - on either of us.

    And if I WIN, I know what photoshoot I'm doing next! yihooO!

  8. Hells, by far heels. Im short so all of a sudden when you have a great pair of sexy shoes that make your legs look amazing and all of a sudden give me a bum!!! cant go wrong!!

  9. I feel sexy and confident when I'm dressed up, wearing an nice dress, fun makeup and a great pair of heels.

  10. OOOhh lala!! When i loose some more weight and (get the courage) I totally want to do this!!!

  11. oops, I forgot to say what makes me feel sexy - getting all dolled up and having a slammin' makeup look!


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