Give me any little nugget you have or education about relationships and marriage and I'll do my best to soak it up like a sponge. It's one of the biggest investments in my life - our marriage. How do I take care of a massive investment? Time, money, care, kindness, and doing my best for the other person.

So, this is the 'beta' of what that looks like. It's a questionnaire for couples and it's meant to be done weekly. You can either print out these worksheets or text your responses to each other using the photo that you save to your phone (open the photo edit option on your phone and you can select text). It's simply meant to be a check in for couples. Life gets busy and it's hard to sit down sometimes and dive into those conversations. I found this questionnaire helps elevate that pressure while still connecting us.

Verlon and I have been doing these for a little over 2 months with lots of success and connection and I figure if it's bringing up so much joy, time to share it with others.

Click save as, to get your own FREE copies of this worksheet below :-)

I'd love to hear how it goes for you and your partner! There are TWO options, pick the one that feels 'right' for you.

A while ago I heard about the Marriage Journal and I loved the idea of "how can I pray for you", but wanted something more personalized and something that I could edit on the fly, if I got new ideas. The one thing I felt about the Marriage Journal was - what if a couple didn't grow up with the idea of prayer? These worksheets could still really work for a couple that isn't actively practising prayer in their lives, so that is why there are two versions below. Who knows what spot you're in with your spirituality -  I wanted all relationships, regardless of belief to benefit the way we have.

As a Christian couple, we have really loved the last question because it's kept us accountable in our faith life, and encouraging prayer weekly. It's so easy to get busy and really forget about talking to God or praying.

But that being said just being asked "Keep this in mind" can look like a very similar thing, say you're stressed out at work about a certain outcome, your spouse can wish you well for that particular item in you life and being mindful about it versus holding onto it alone. Two is stronger than one.

Hope it helps!

UPDATE: I've attached a worksheet that could work for parents & kids. I'd really love to hear feedback on it! One option includes prayer, and the other starts an open discussion for "hard" to talk about things that your child may want you to know. Give me all the feedback parents!



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