Jen & Garrett

I've fallen into a bad habit of not updating my blog with the latest photos since posting on Facebook is one click away... You don't hear about how amazing awesome the couple I photograph are, nor their love story. Well, today that changes, I want to share with you the relationships I've been a pleasure of documenting and new friendships I've made!

I photographed this amazing couple at Swan-e-set in Pitt Meadows not far from their new home in Langley, a few months back. Jen and Garrett's wedding was definately memorable! From the grandious stair cases to the deck out ballroom this wedding was one straight out of the movies especially since the couple looked like movie stars. Jen and Garrett met over a couple of drinks and the rest was history. The weather was truly a miracle, it went from pouring rain to golden sunshine just in time for their out-door ceremony and photos leaving behind some clouds of contrast far off into the distance.

Lazy Blogger and Photos! | Engagement and Wedding Photography Abbotsford, BC - Whiterock, BC

Alright I am most definitely the laziest blogger! I don't feel like I have enough epic stories to type up - but so much has been going on this summer - I've got a couple great tellings to share! This past year has been such a whirl wind of changes and photography. I want to invite you all to come on this journey with me, I'm attempting to give a little bit more of myself on my blog postings and fill you all in on more things about myself, my photography and whatever else pop's into my head. I feel like I've been flying by the past few months since April, and all of a sudden today I opened my iCal to read "Hey Ashley, It's July!!!". I've been a naughty girl and super behind in posting posting onto my blog. I've got great engagement photos I'm going to post today, from Graciela and Rambert. I met Graciela via online contact, and I am incredibly excited for this Paraguay born couple's wedding July 10, in Abbotsford. I had the pleasure of photographing their Engagement in Whiterock, BC - at the pier. Immediately, after the initial getting over the awkwardness of ultra PDA in public. - Yesterday I photographed their wedding in Abbotsford BC.

(above) - This was their web gallery card - I love the bold green in the grass, and they both look fab!

Baby Audrey | Vancouver, BC Newborn/Baby Photography

Hope everybody had a great long weekend - I managed to get some camping in amongst the busy photography season. Marnie and Dale (parents to baby Audrey and toddler Jordon) - contacted me to photograph their little family! Here's a sneak preview of one of the photos of baby Audrey - stay turned, more to come!