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Today was 5 degrees Celsius and I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful couple and their family. We had a blast even though it was "chilly". We went to Fort Langley, and photographed in the cold and everyone was such troopers! I'd just like to Thank Sarah and Lee, for sharing their special day with me, and I was so excited about there photos I couldn't resist to post a preview.


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Savy Bridal Beauty Tips!

I was doing my routinely browse at the cosmetic's counter at London Drugs, and this package was worth a good laugh. I usually don't push products but I was so impressed. But I never imagined that it would actually do what it said. This lip plumber actually works. Obviously your lips aren't going to grow over night, but it helps adds shape and shine. The ingredients cause a little bit of a tingly feeling to wear, but really looks great. I picked it up for $9.99 CAD, at the London Drugs and I highly recommend it to any Bride, or any girl looking for a quick glam look for their lips. Wear this for your engagement photos, portraits or wedding, its light gloss is easy and affordable.

Invitations for all occasions!

Here's some new invitations that I've been working on for various clients. Invitations can be such a immense amount of work, so why not let Dragonflight help. These invitations can have a modern flare, with keeping your budget in mind. Having an trendy wedding doesn't need to cost you an arm & a leg, and Dragonflight understand's the word "budget". Spending evenings printing your own invitations from that inkjet printer may actually end up costing you more than you anticipated in ink and waste countless amounts of time that you could be working on other wedding projects. Contact us today for your invitation options.

Click each invitation to see a larger preview!



November, November!

Fall has come and gone and onward to frosted mornings, and soon Christmas' celebrations we head onto. It seems all the department stores have officially started the Christmas push, christmas tree's and such. The local starbucks was all decked out this weekend. I don't mind I love the decorations, it gets me excited for all the hot chocolates, and christmas movie watching at home on the couch time!

Aside from my random ramblings, I wanted to post some new headshots. Emily the beautiful. Check them out below!

Really Digging this Song

Just thought I'd share, something I'm really loving right now. It's a song by Canadian Band - Metric - Give me Sympathy. Just kinda a mello song especially the acoustic version. Usually I don't share music, but for today I'll make an exception. Maybe I should start a music selection, for future brides?



Not just a photo.

Sometimes I really think photographers don't appreciate their "job" properly. You know, I really hate calling it that, it's not a job it's definately a lifestyle or a passion. I get to spent the most memorable day in anyone's lives, with them. From start to finish, I see their tears, their anxieties, their nervousness as they approach the chapel waiting to see their soul-mate dressed for the first day of the rest of their lives together. I get to feel their emotion, when they cry at the alter, because I'm documenting every moment, every touch, every little detail that all the others in the audience will miss. I see them talking and flirting like it's all completely brand new as the priest talks to the rest of the guests, small touches during the ceremony, and smiles. I see the small tears of happiness from under the Brides veil as she looks into the eyes of her husband. The best though, is simply seeing the Groom, when the Bride makes her first appearence. What feels like the longest aisle walk to the alter, the Groom's face always says it all. You can see the love and excitement he shares for the gorgeous white beauty slowly making her way towards him as if it takes an eternity for her to get to him. In that moment, my heart gets this butterfly warm feeling, that I get to take part in watching the most blissful moments of the begining of this love story.

I always feel like I'm taking part in a love-story each couple, very different from the last, their stories so different, but one ceremony and day bringing them all together, with the same words "I Do". The getting ready in the morning is always my favourite, pure raw emotion. You can tell so much about people when they're getting married. I always loved when the Groom's would send tokens of their love to their Brides, a card expressing their undying love, or roses so they know the passion they feel for eachother. Ah, so romantic. Weddings are truly the best part in the love-stories of every couple, that is why I feel truly blessed to be able to take part in those moments. I feel like I get to read by photograph, the love story of each couple. So to the couples I have photographed, Thank you so much and to future couples, I feel honnored you would like to share your love story with me.