Planning a wedding during Covid-19 Lockdowns and Elopements in Vancouver, BC - Canada Elopes

 Firstly, I'd like to say congratulations to the couples who are recently engaged! What an exciting moment in your life and I'm so happy for the two of you. Making the commitment to plan your life with your future spouse is an amazing and a crazy worthwhile journey. My hope is that you have a lovely wedding whatever that looks like, but more importantly an amazing marriage. Because after all the confetti falls, your marriage is what lasts along with the photographs of the day.

Okay, Let's talk weddings - these days they are looking a little bit different with Covid-19. We're nearly one year into this Pandemic and it has highly effected planning a wedding. We've had to help couples pivot with just weeks of time to change their plans. It's been a lot. It's been gutting in a lot of ways when our couples anticipated a wedding in the traditional ways we had known. But 2020 wasn't all bad - it's refocusing on what REALLY matters. Love for people we care about and strong marriages.  Things are different and that shouldn't effect your commitment to your best friend. Expectations of a wedding pre-Covid, sadly need to be altered. But that doesn't mean you will not get to do most of the classic wedding ideals you really want to do - they might just look different then they did previously. Ultimately keeping your loved ones safe should be a priority and so adhering to your Provincial Health Authority and guidelines is important. A celebration wouldn't be the same if people we loved about had their safety at risk. Moving right along, because I know if you're here and reading this - you are a caring, loving person and already know all of that. 

In 2020, I had some of the most incredible couples who had to pivot their wedding dreams and adapt to new ideas - it didn't stop their wedding ceremonies from happening and making their vows to each other - which at the end of the day is the point of a wedding. And although celebrating is looking different right now, it's not forever. That big celebration will look different or might need to happen safely later - which is OK. We're in a weird and strange year and it's key to remember - this isn't forever, just for now. Whether you postpone or pivot your wedding to adapt to guidelines, there is no right or wrong way to get married. Ultimately, do whatever honours you both as a couple. That is the most important piece of the puzzle. And we're here to help you in this uncertain time. We've got your back. 

We've been fortunate enough to have been apart of some amazing small elopements that were really magical and intimate. Dancing in an empty ballroom for two to their first dance song, vows on the rooftop of the Empress Hotel, ceremonies by the ocean at sunset and on the beach, and under umbrellas with parents beside them. The magic isn't in the big party - the magic is in your vows to each other. Remember that. The big celebration can happen later and just may have to look differently. The smaller the wedding, the more intimate and quality time you spend with those who are present. Honestly, you wouldn't necessarily be able to have that quality time with family during a big wedding - I know, I had one (2015). But yes, there is something special about having all your family and friends together in one room - there for you. And we are creatures of connection and some of those gathering moments are incredibly important but ultimately safety comes first - and when we can gather again - I promise you, those celebrations are going to be more amazing than ever before. We know we took gathering for granted, and that is now changing. Relationships and connection are more important than ever. So do not worry about having the celebration later - everyone will want to be there. Both ways of getting married are magical and different. It's important to weigh this out when deciding how to plan for 2021 and possibly 2022. Whether planning for 2021 or waiting - it's a personal decision. What I do know is I wouldn't wait to marry my best friend and hope to plan for a celebration when possible later (plus, that means I get to wear a fancy dress 2x... and I do love the idea of 2x the fun and more fancy dresses and shoes... what can I say... I like pretty things).

Helping you plan an intimate wedding ceremony for 2021 is something I'd be honoured to do. If you want to get married in the Mountains, on the ocean, or in a forest - we know lots of amazing local places that can make this happen with some amazing vendors. That amazing floral that was out of the budget before? Now, go all out - why not! Just because your wedding may need to be small to happen, this affords the luxury of going all out on some fun aesthetics if that is important to you. Want to be surrounded by candles? Do it. You don't need to play downsize everything if you don't want to for your ceremony. And when things resume, let's plan that amazing celebration that everyone will be so excited to be apart of later. Have fun with your elopement and do it any which way you want to! This is an opportunity for ideas and creativity. Want to have your feet in the ocean and then go to the top of a mountain at sunset? Always wanted to go sailing? Dreamed of Snowy Peaks? Elopement with a helicopter? A 5 Star Resort that wouldn't be possible for a big wedding? Waterfalls? I'm an idea girl, and I can help you elope in 2021. Let's chat about these amazing ways you can get married.


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