Vancouver Milk Bath Boudoir Photographer - Dragonflight Photography - Ashley Ferreira

 Milk Bath Boudoir Photography - Valentine's Boudoir

Milk bath photography has been gaining popularity in recent years especially for embracing femininity and women's most delicate and vulnerable sides in photography. I've been honoured to have photographed milk bath's in the past for clients. Moving forward I will be offering special Milk Bath Boudoir Sessions for women in the style of fine art boudoir or maternity style photography. These session take place in the tub and I have all the necessary floral for your session. The milk bath sessions are incredibly flattering and fun and document one of life's many stages. The milk bath is perfect for the woman who likes the idea of boudoir but wishes for a different kind of look. The goal of the session is for you to have gorgeous timeless images that embrace your beauty with delicate floral adding pops of colour or soft pastels to create a beautiful series of prints or keepsake album.

The most perfect timeless gift for your fiancĂ© for your wedding day, or wife. Maybe a Valentine's Day special gift. We all deserve to feel beautiful and I truly believe photography can help us see ourselves in a way we don't typically get a chance to do and allowing the vulnerability of a session shine as a special memory piece of yourself and embracing our delicate side and feel sexy.

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