White Rock, BC Engagement Session - Nicole & David

Over coffee Nicole & Dave told me about their love story, hobbies, wedding and dream honeymoon. Which had me swooning for Hawaii when they mentioned it was their dream honeymoon. Dave has a way to get Nicole bubbling with laughter and between the two playing around and joking - it is ever so evident these two are in love. Not only did his sense of humour had her going but she may have noticed him a little bit for his big lifted truck. I think a piece of all of us girls love a man with a truck - it just says "Hey Girl, I can do home renovations and take care of our future home - even landscape like a pro".

March has given me some amazing weather! Thank you, thank you oh great weather systems! It's been beautifully sunny and we took complete advantage of the weather at White Rock beach. Soaking up the sun, playing in the sand and enjoying to get to know each other. David being a true gentlemen would carry Nicole over the tide pools saving her new shoes from wet sand and dirt - what a guy!

I couldn't have asked for a more fun-loving couple and such great light! Here's to Nicole & David's Wedding at Westwood Plateau! I cannot wait!