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We're always feel truly honoured to be published and chosen by editors especially our Magazine cover & feature in Real Weddings Magazine! It's my first cover of a magazine with the lovely Flower Factory's Bouquet. Thank you to our clients for allowing us to share your beautiful days with other couples and letting us share our passion with our art.

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You: Newly Engaged Couple seeking professional wedding photographers who love what they do. You are fun loving, love adventure, believe in love and marriage. A wedding isn't a show but a celebration of marrying your best friend. You have found the one you want to share all those every day moments with. Making dinners together, sharing new sheets, walking down endless aisles of ikea to find the right piece of furniture, car rides and summer times together. Your marrying your best friend and looking for someone you can trust to document one of the biggest days of your lives.

Us: Professional Photographers wanting to document your forever, your beginning, your new adventure, the day you marry your best friend. The beauty in sharing in the every day moments with each other and that you found the one you want to share all those every day moments with. We believe in love and marriage. True love. The kind of love that has ups and downs. The love that comes with highs and lows and everything in between. The moments and memories that make up your unique love story from the weekend breakfasts, your favourite places, the way he makes you blush when he says the right words, or how those moments never get old, how you could just lay together for days, and how excited you both are for your future with each other. We're suckers for a good love story - a true love story, a real one - yours. 

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Dear Clients and Future Clients...

Dear Clients and Future Clients - 2014 a year in review, lessons learned and 2015

December came faster than I expected and we soaked up our first Christmas in our new home.  We turned technology off and soaked in each other. With the busy year behind us. I just wanted to soak in being with him. Laying in Verlon's arms and looking forward to 2015 and the adventures that 2015 will bring for our business, and ourselves. We enjoyed the silence during the holidays, watching movies and lazing about. It was a foreign concept for us as we hustled all of 2014. The business grew and we met so many amazing clients now friends. 

January hit me like a brick. Christmas and New Years were over and it was "back to life". With the inspiration of "Another Year Over -What did you learn?" and it was difficult to admit a lot of my struggles. The biggest thing I learned for 2015 is that we will cutting how many wedding we take on for this year. This year we're also getting married and I want to give the best to our 2015 clients but at the same time also enjoy our engagement and wedding planning. It took a lot of courage to turn away couples this year. But I knew I wouldn't be serving them as best as I can - which broke my heart. The admission to myself that I cannot do it all. It was the realization I'm not made of steel and can't keep going like the energizer bunny. 

2014 was one of my busiest years in the 8 years of being a photographer. I still can’t believe that 2015 will be my 9th year. January was my processing month. It was looking back and reliving the 2014 weddings through wedding albums and planning our year end get together. I wanted the words to come out right and I wanted to share the profound amount of gratitude I feel for having each and every one of you in our lives. You share some of the deepest, most intimate moments with us and I just want you to know - we value you so much. We care about you all - your relationships, your marriages and your family. A lot of the moments you honour us with capturing are once in a lifetime moments. Time. time what you will not get back but that you share with us. Time is such a precious commodity. You could share these moments with anyone but you choose with your heart to share them with me. I feel like I cannot even fully express how thankful we are for this trust you give to us and how lucky we feel. You aren’t just another couple we cross off our list once your wedding is done. If all of this sounds like gibberish to you and touchy feely - then close the page and we’re not your photographers. 

2014 was busy but I loved it. I loved meeting all of you and sharing in your stories. Learning about your relationships and learning about you both as individuals. Doing our best to be there for each and every one of you, should you need us in the in-betweens. Some of my favourite moments have been those pre-wedding meetings at our place where we just talk about how you all are doing before the wedding and if there is anything we can help with. 

When I started my business I was in university and I took a few courses and learned as much as I could about being a “good" business person. And realized I’m not all about business. I’m an artist and I want to share part of my heart with my clients. My heart is on my sleeve and delivered to you in your images.  I’ve learned a lot in 2014 about business and I learned how I am truly not a good business woman but rather a people person. And I love people and being able to give them something so special. I hope all our clients know how deeply we care about them and their marriages. We want you to thrive and I want you to have a different experience. We aren’t just providing a service but we actually care about you as people not just ‘clients'. This also comes into play when we first meet you at our “first date”. I love client “first dates” it’s seeing if we vibe together and will be helpful to you and your big day and all the in-between. I love the feeling after a meeting when we’ve connected and I go home just gushing over meeting such awesome couples. 

When I give your photographs over for your review a wave of anxiety always comes over me. I’m always nervously waiting and hoping that you love your photographs as much as I do. I give my best to you. I feel the honour you’ve given to me and want to translate those special moments into unique photographs. My art. My creative process. Doing my best to find the art in the moment, being vulnerable in those moments with you to dive into the creative process to find innovation and creativity. All this comes from your trust. So thank you. Thank you for trusting me. You are appreciated beyond words. You’ve all joined in going into this arena with me with trust and I’m so excited about the magic we will create and the magic we’ve already created. 

I just want you to know - I will always try to give you my best.