And the Winners are....

Alright, yesterday I was having issues with blogger (my blog host) - to get the ball rolling on announcing the winners, but finally it's working! Let's begin!

Brides of 2010/2011 will be announced next Valentines Day for your Tiffany & Co necklace, I know its a while to wait but have to be fair with all the 2011 bookings :)

The first winner from the Tiffany & Co. and a free photo-session DRAW is Kailyn Manscott!!!! You win the Tiffany & Co. heart and key necklace along with a free photo session! Please contact me asap to claim your prize!

The 2nd winner from the "free photo-session for likes on Facebook" is Candice Wong with 140 "likes"!!! You have won a free photo-session from Dragonflight Photography, contact me as soon as you have the chance and we'll arrange a session!

Just want to thank everyone for participating, it was fun to see all the photos and comments and all the love! A lot of my couples participated too! The response was great and I'm thrilled at everyone who shared so much. I learned more about friends and clients!

On a new note: the website is ALMOST DONE - I know right, I keep saying it's going to launch next week and then I have some sort of problem or I find a spelling mistake! (spelling.. psh). Here's a sneak peak of the new look:

I'm hoping to launch it soon, I had help from an amazing friend - Vanessa, who read over the info, checking for my terrible grammar (which I even spelt wrong at some point)... Thank you so much Vanessa, your time was truly appreciated! 

This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Mikyla & Dustin (May 2011, Cuba) - they are originally from Red-Deer, AB - and we met in Kelowna, BC to do their engagement photos - here's a sneak peak of the photos to come!

What a week! | Vancouver, Victoria and International Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting with my Kamloops couple Julie & Manny, and I'm so excited to photograph their wedding this coming August! Julie and I had an amazing phone-call conversation pre-meeting. I felt like she was part of my group of friends, or we should be going out for wine weekly for a girls night! I love when a Bride becomes a friend! When a couple books me to photograph their wedding, engagement photos are included with every and all packages regardless of time - why? So that I'm not a stranger on the day of their wedding - I couldn't imagine not knowing my couples prior to their wedding. I'm spending such intimate time with them on their biggest day! I want them to know me and feel comfortable in front of my camera! 

Whenever I meet with couples, I get so excited to hear about their wedding stories and how they met. This week was such a reminder about how blessed I am, and how honoured I feel to share in each and everyone of your special days! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

This week has been a crazy whirl-wind and not enough hours in the days! This weekend/week has been filled with meetings with new clients with weddings this summer, and one of the hardest things I have to do as a wedding photographer is turn away couples because I am unavailable for the date of their wedding. I have these amazing couples who will pour their heart out in emails or phone-calls, tell me about their love stories and I end up having to turn them away. Its so hard to tell a couple after they've told me they would like to book - to tell them I am unavailable. Luckily for me I know amazing photographers in the lower mainland & victoria that I tend to send couples too. This week I had to turn away 3 couples, which made me really sad. I remember coming home and calling my mom and saying "she was so beautiful and fun, and they fit so well together, I'm going to miss out!!!". The best advice I can give couples is plan in advance! 

Regarding the Valentine's Day contest - the blog comment contest is closed, and I'll be announcing the winner of the draw next Monday! Along with the winner of the free photo-session on Facebook - that contest closes next monday! 

Thank you all for sharing your photographs and stories, it's been so fun to read your comments! Not only that but I've had brides participating just because, and I love knowing more about each of you! I have a big grin on my face as I write this, because i'm thinking in my head "My brides kick butt!!!!!".

I have some photo-sessions that are going to get posted soon! Paisley's baby session and more! But for now I'll leave you with some "healthy train" motivation. I've been on a fitness kick working out at least 5x a week, and I went into the Nike Store this weekend and saw these awesome tee's. Thought i'd share them, because I got a good laugh out of them!

Day 7 of the Valentines Day Giveaway - ADDITIONAL PRIZES!

I cannot believe that amount of success this contest has brought about. And in that case - this weekend I was trying to figure out if more prizes should be given out as I've generated such a buzz! And the answer is YES! 

Not only will a draw be held for liking the "Dragonflight Photography" facebook page but also commenting on the blog and the winner shall still win the Tiffany & Co necklace and Photo-session -

-- but NOW starting today another winner will be announce, but YOU will choose the winner of a 2nd prize photo-session. 

Simply post on the "Dragonflight Photography" facebook page a photo you've taken to facebook of you and your beloved or family, and the photo with the most "likes" on facebook will win a free photo-session as an additional bonus! Make sure you post the photo onto the Dragonflight Photography wall, and get your family and friends to like the photo! You have today-onward! So get posting! Make sure to invite your friends to Dragonflight Photography on Facebook to get them to "like" your photo!

Next week, I'll be announcing the winner to the blog prize and facebook photo-session!

Spread the love, and Happy Valentines Day!

                                               ---welcome baby Paisley - photo session from a couple weeks back---

Day 6 of the Valentine's Day Giveaway - Tiffany & Co. + Photo-session

Tomorrow is the last day of the draw, which is really exciting. I'm so happy with the amount of involvement the valentines day draw has brought up - also I'd like to thank each and every one of you for contributing your stories in the comments!

Yesterday I made my way downtown Vancouver and purchased the necklace from Tiffany & Co. and it's sitting in the pretty blue box awaiting it's home. I don't want to open the box to un-do the white ribbon, but I'll post pictures of the box tomorrow and the necklace off the website. Since this is a really late post, I'll follow-up tomorrow. Just wanted to share the news!

Dragonflight Photography: Day 4 of the Valentine's Day Giveaway - Tiffany & Co. + Photo-session

I feel so profoundly thankful for all of you sharing your stories with me! I loved hearing about the romantic moments, how you met, and just the little things that your partners do for you! And yes, Kristina I'm a sap! Today I'm going to be photographing Angela's amazing family in Langley and afterwards going to finish up designing/working on the NEW WEBSITE - so I can launch it this week!

I felt so touched that so many of you wrote in the comments section yesterday, real genuine answers, and details! I loved hearing about you and your guys - especially my Brides who have decided to comment too! It's awesome to learn even more about each of you! 

Today's comment question -- What makes you feel sexy or confident? What makes you feel really good about yourself?

I find a really nice pair of heels does wonders - I have a passion for high-heels, especially stilettos! Bring on the Christian Louboutin!

     Boudoir Session with Monica.

Day 3 of the Valentine's Day Giveaway - Tiffany & Co. + Photo-session

This morning I woke up so sore! Last night Angela and I went to "Dancer's Bootcamp" and wow. My body hates me - but it was so rewarding. As part of my "healthy train" regime, today is the gym then off to dance later this evening. And as I was racking my brains as to what to share today, Angela said to stick to passion - and it clicked! I just had to share my favourite quote about love.

"When you fall in love, it is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake, and then it subsides. And when it subsides, you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots are become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the desire to mate every second of the day. It is not lying awake at night imagining that he is kissing every part of your body. No... don't blush. I am telling you some truths. For that is just being in love; which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over, when being in love has burned away. Doesn't sound very exciting, does it? But it is! "
-Captain Correlli's Mandolin

That right there is my favourite quote about love, I feel that its so true and real. I love the idea of roots being intertwined together - it's so romantic. And it made me think of my parents, okay not the quote directly but just how things are. My parents have been married for 35+ years and I remember so many memories of my parents when I was a toddler of them dancing in the kitchen, or my dad sneaking kisses while my mom washed the dishes. I think my favourite was when my dad would surprise my mom with Pink-Cream Soda. Yup, the simply surprise of bringing home her favourite soda. It just shows that it's just about the thought, not the quantity. Just simply remembering your mate. 

In the comment section below: I'd like to hear about the most romantic moment your lives, what was your proposal story, how did you meet your mate, or the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you. Share it in the comment section below!

I've shared in so many couples big days - and I feel honoured to have gotten a front seat view of their wedding. It's almost like watching a romantic movie and being immersed in it. I get to hear the family give speeches, see their slideshows of them as a couple and it just makes me so happy to be invited into their lives. 

Some of my favourite memories from the weddings I've photographed was seeing the Bride/Groom when they receive a surprise in the morning from their mate. Whether it be a little note expressing their excitement prior to the ceremony while they're getting ready, or roses with a little card just saying I love you. Seeing the Bride shed a tear and Groom get excited even gets me giddy. One of the notes that a Bride received that I remember vividly was written prose and the last line was "God has blessed me today, for I am going to marry my best-friend". And I just loved that concept and it made so much sense. We are only here for a short time, our precious moments should be spent with our best friends. 

This was Kerry's note to Andrew - she asked me to take it to him when I saw him prior to the ceremony.

I was going through my hard-drive and noticed that I hadn't shared an amazing engagement photo-session featuring Robin & Simon from Grand Prairie - AB. Simon was originally from London and moved over to Alberta for a work position, and Robin is in university.

I met these two back in November, and they flew to Vancouver to have their engagement session. I remember Robin expressing that Alberta was not fitting for the style of photos she wanted. She was "over" the barn-themed weddings. So I met them downtown Vancouver and we wandered the winter-afternoon. These two completed complimented each other, it was so wonderful to watch them together. Especially hearing Simon talk to her sweetly with his accent!!!! 

Day No. 2 of the Valentine's Day Giveaway - Tiffany & Co. + Photo-session

Today is going to be a "good news" blog. So much to share, but I was saving it up. I was figuring that if I just collectively waited to share the most exciting news, then maybe more news would pile up... Okay, so I wish I had that mentality but it was more along these lines. I've never really submitted any works to be published and I think it's because I was afraid. Afraid that someone in some great office, who manages a publication would tell me - "you are not good enough". And that would be it, the moment I realize I need to find a different career -- and curl up into a ball (I know, a little dramatic). What? Rejection hurts, it's hard not to take it personally. 

Good News #1 -- But last week - I took the plunge and I submitted a few weddings to various publications. Some magazines and a few online publications. I didn't put much weight on it, and just went with the mentality that we shall see what happens. I haven't heard back yet from most of the publications - some are still under review.... BUT I did hear back from two lovely blogs! Borrowed & Bleu and Pretty Little Weddings! I'll be sure to repost when the photos go up on their blogs! Anyway, when I found out -- it was an instant call to Alicia & James (their wedding was chosen) and we both were so super excited... I called Sunday to tell her that Borrowed & Bleu were interested, and then the next day found out about Pretty Little Weddings! 

Good News #2 -- I have "booked" my 2nd destination wedding for this year! In May I'll be going to Cuba for Mikyla and Dustin's Wedding. And now, I'll be going to Mexico for Ric & Nicky's Wedding!!!! That's right, my brother FINALLY asked his girlfriend Nicky (of a million years) to be his wife, and they're doing it in July and I'll be photographing!

Good News #3 -- I started on a healthy train in late November/December 2010. It was more like December when I really kicked myself into gear. I've somewhat kept it on the down-low because I wanted to just be POW - look at me I'm fit now! But I realized so much more along this journey thus far. I've slowly been changing my eating habits to include healthy foods aka kicking the mac n'cheese from the box and including more veggies. I made a "Life-style" change and not only do I feel so much better, a lot of my digestive issues have died down. I have more energy, I feel amazing after a workout and I've tried so many new things! 

I've gotten a pass at the local Langley Town-ship Rec-Centre, and go to the gym 5x a week or I mix it up with fitness classes. I signed up for a Burlesque dance class, and it's SO MUCH FUN! The instructor was teaching us choreography from the actual Burlesque Movie.  And I tried Cardio-Striptease... it sounds super riskay, but it was a CRAZY workout. A friend of mine - Angela, and I went and it just shreded our muscles (me more so, then her). It was a mix of cardio, stretching and core strengthening. The classes are at Tantra Fitness - totally check them out if your looking at trying something new and a little outside your comfort zone. And ladies - it will make you feel sultry! Never hurts to boost the self-confidence!

So here is the real part of the good news, I've hit the 15lbs down from my start weight! The goal was to lower my BMI, and slowly but surely I'm going to be hitting that goal. I want to be as healthy as possible, so I do not let life pass me by. 

Alright, no more rambling! Thanks for all the amazing comments yesterday ladies!!! I'm so excited for this draw, it's such a treat that people follow my work -- so I just wanted to give a little something back! 

So, keep the comments coming - so I can enter your names again in the draw!

Incase you missed it, Alicia and James were married on Jame's parent's property in Whiterock, BC. -- Their Wedding was a beautiful DIY inspired wedding, with lots of great details that Alicia and James worked so hard on! Their ceremony was held in a clearing in the woods on the property.

This was the first photo I took as I got off the plane in the Dominican for Mahla and Chris' Destination Wedding last May. They had their Wedding at the Melia Caribe in Punta Cana.

I actually grabbed Mahla and Chris' drinks when we were hanging out on the beach, and took this photo. I love the colours.

Day #1 of the Valentine's Day Giveaway - Tiffany & Co. + Photo-session

In my post from last week I wrote about love, and how I am a hopeless romantic and thought since this is the week of the giveaway - and it's valentines day... maybe this week will be about love?

I have had the honour of being present for so many "genuine moments". And right now your thinking, well - isn't everything a genuine moment? Okay, well yes but I mean that true love moment that you witness and you realize that is passion. I have had the pleasure to photograph these moments (making sure I had a quick trigger finger!). I was laying in bed last night after I posted about the giveaway, racking my brains on what to write about this week and showcase as far as photography goes and BOOM - it hit me. I have to write about passion & show passion. It's that moment that's unplanned and just happens. You can tell the couple just erupts with that "spark" that something all of us crave for in our relationships. It's something else when you get to witness it as a photographer. On some occasions it's hard to shake off the tear-jerk reaction.

I am a Christian, and I really feel this has had a huge role on how I learned about love. But last summer faith and love really, I guess clicked. I photographed Lori & Josh's Wedding in Lytton, BC last August and was lucky enough to attend their adult baptism a day prior to their wedding. They were baptised in the Fraser River near the town of Lytton. I had never been to an adult baptism and had no idea that people would get baptised in real life rivers and not in a church. I didn't think I was actually going to be so moved as I was, at their baptism. I remember hearing Lori talk about her faith journey and how she learned faith and love; and how that made her relationship with Josh so much stronger. Josh spoke of the same, and how they both made their journey together. They spoke lyrics to songs that moved them and how they felt paid tribute to their faith journey. And then along with the pastor they walked into the Fraser and were submersed each by their mothers. 

Now here's the part that really got me, when they came back up from the water - I remember vividly the cheer of happiness Lori & Josh. Seriously, it was the loudest "yeaaaah" I've ever heard. And then, it happened --- Lori jumped into Josh's arms in the water and they had the most romantic kiss and fell backwards into the water. I don't know why, but witness' their just spark after all that, was just so amazing. I felt honoured to get a glimpse of how passionate they were about each other and their faith.

They had their whole family on the beach for their baptism, singing, playing guitar - showing support. It was so profound. Below are some images from last August.

In the spirit of Valentines Day, and the giveaway I thought It'd share this genuine moment.

       The photo above is of Lori & Josh walking the Mundall property on the way to the beach.

This was it, the moment they embraced right before falling back into the water.
                 Lori giving her father a massive hug after coming out of the river.

{ Giveaway -- Day 1}

Make sure you leave a comment to be entered into the draw to win a photo-session and a little something from Tiffany & Co.! Remember, if you tell your friends and they comment with your name - your names will both be entered in the draw again to increase your odds of winning! Thanks everyone for spreading the love.

And don't worry 2011 Brides, you get your own draw - just because.

2011 Giveaway

To my amazing Brides who have already booked and future Brides for 2011 you will be entered in a draw to win a purchased piece from Tiffany & Co. in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. But that’s not all -- a lucky follower will also win a Tiffany & Co. piece and a photo-session! -- To be eligiable simply “Like” the page on Facebook & Comment on the Blog for the week of February 7th – 14th.
Comment daily to increase your chances of winning. Tell a friend, and have them mention your name in their comment post to have both your names entered again! So Ladies tell your girl friends and help spread the love!

The 2011 Bride winner will be announced next Valentine's Day (February 14th, 2012) - and then the giveaway will continue for 2012 Brides that have booked!

The lucky follower draw will take place February 28, 2011, and all names that have commented will be collected and 1 lucky name will be pulled. The winner to be announced March 1, 2011!

So Ladies, let the giveaway begin tomorrow!