Wedding Photographers in Porto, Portugal

If I was a time of day, I’d want to be sunset. I want to be that glowy warmth that changes how you feel and that craving of all you want to do is soak it up until it leaves behind the dark of night. I love how sunsets  can cause people to stop and stare. To be present and in the moment. How it can cause a feeling of serenity. 

The way the light touches everything in its sight; as if it would be one last embrace letting the surroundings know “I see you”. That last bit of warmth on the skin that makes all the small hairs on your arm stand up - like they are each reaching up, trying to not let go. A last effort to hold onto that warmth longer.

You don’t always know if you will see sunset the next day, I think that is why I try to soak it up in the moments when it paints the skies with hues of pastels. I call them ‘Disney skies’. I think that’s why I love Hawaii so much, we would catch sunrises every trip, almost every evening. For our Honeymoon in Maui - we’d watch sunset EVERY night. 

This summer while in Europe, we did our best to soak up all the sunsets. My favourite was this one in Porto. After a day of day drinking, we had all the butterfly feelings that come along with drinking aged Ports that made this particular sunset a little extra special. I walked buzzed along the Douro River that glowed golden and glassy before meeting the new destination of the Atlantic. I held Verlon’s hand, and watched the sun say goodnight to us and the rows of other tourists who were too, also enamoured with the glow. I smiled back at the sun because this - this is what everyone searches for and reaches for - this moment was happiness.