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I know it was incredibly hard when there are outside pressures, especially worries about guests waiting after the ceremony while you take a moment and get those precious photographs with your parents, siblings, grandparents, your best friends in your bridal party and finally your best friend, the one who you just committed to spending the rest of your life with - yes they may take a while but I am certain that your guests can truly understand that your keepsakes and memory of your big day are your photographs besides the memory of those very important vows you just exchanged. One day our parents will no longer be around, one day our youth will be faded and we will be sitting with our walkers with our best friends from our bridal party looking at the old days with our grand children. These photographs will serve as memories when our memory becomes slightly faded from years of new adventures, and new life moments. Photographs that will only increase in value as years go on.

That is why I was truly glad these two tried their best to calm their guests worries as they waited the half hour while the bride and groom had portraits taken, they had an awesome point man who took care of things behind the scenes and pastor who eased the wait. The guests were simply anxious to have the receiving line and greet the couple. This also suggests the idea of depending on your guests perhaps try a first look. Having a point person is so incredibly important for a wedding day, they will address any concerns so you don't have to. I was so thankful to have Katelyn and Andrew's Pastor on our side and their MC help to take care of the day. Try to hire a planner or have a best friend take care of any concerns so no one puts stress on you both on the day of. Don't let little worries bother you on the day of when someone else can handle it.

I truly believe that God was in the room and involved in bringing these two together. There was an abundance of love for them on their wedding day, warm wishes and prayers. It was evident with the concern with their pastor and their MC / groomsmen; they loved the couple very much and were trying look out for the couple and organize logistics behind the scenes (much like a professional wedding planner/co-ordinator would do, but a pro has experience in situations like tight timelines). It is important to remember what you as a couple want, and when you hire a photographer, we look out for your best interests. We do what you want as far as coverage goes, at the end of the day it's your wedding day. We make sure your going to be thrilled with your photographs long after the day, after all the photography is often one of the largest budget items for a wedding. We managed to score as much time as possible with these two to get them their images and tried our best to wait out the weather to break to finally get outside form the Kirkland House. From scattered showers to a momentary break right before we escorted them onto their reception. Although we would typically photograph the bride and groom for just under an hour, it was go time. We had hungry guests, an early caterer, and a miscommunicated timeline. 

Wedding photographs although they are for the couple, they are their future children too. So they too can relive your day and vows and see the importance of the covenant/union of marriage is. God brings couples together, and they sealed it with a promise that their children will be able to view in their wedding album.

I don't know much about their church - Apostolic, they were the first I've met. Andrew like his father is now a pastor and knowing that he will be a voice of faith, truly gets me excited. He is a genuine, kind soul, the type of pastor I had wished I met as a child. God will work through him and others will listen. I'm so very excited for the many blessings these two have ahead of them.

There's a quote I heard recently but I am unsure of the author:

"God's the water, you're the faucet."

 Where the ceremony would have happened if we didn't battle the rain.

Kirkland House, Harris Barn

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