Married Mondays - Date Nights during Covid in the Lower Mainland

 Welcome back to another Married Monday! We're going 2 for 2 today - the 2nd Married Monday up on the blog. Like last week, talking about John Gottman's 8 Dates and date ideas for during Covid and lock down'ish times here in BC. 

So if you read last week's post you now know we've ventured onto Date #2 in the book - 8 Dates and let me be honest and say, I was a little nervous for this one as it was about conflict. DUN DUN DUN..... but because the book gives you the tools to handle these tough conversations, we left our date feeling more connected. It was my turn to plan our date day, and well, with Covid being a thing - it's definitely getting creative with what is available to do, or go. I opted for us to head up to Burnaby Mountain at night for the city view and I preloaded some of our favourite music onto my phone, made us both some yummy teas and blankets for the car since it's winter. 

I did get a chuckle out of how many cars with "N"'s were chilling up at the top of the mountain with steamy windows... but I digress... I kept jokingly talking to V and saying silly things like "You better not keep me out past my curfew" pretending we were teenagers sneaking out of the house.

Dating once a week sounds really daunting (at least it did to me), so today's post is about curating some date ideas for specifically during Covid. Having a date night activity is part of making it feel different than any other night, but one thing I've learned so far with the 8 Dates book is having open ended questions that can lead into deeper conversations (que the table topics cards). 

Date Ideas during Covid:

- walking one of the many trails at Goldenears Park

- Donuts in Deepcove

-Coffee from Republica in Fort Langley and a walk on the river

- Croissants from Blacksmith Bakery in Fort Langley

- Cypress Mountain Look out

- Burnaby Mountain Look out

- Campfires at closed Camp Rec Sites (Yes, you can use this for daily use)

- BBQ on the Beach (use the bbq's at the parks)

- Drive to Harrison Lake and back (Fraser Valley Residents)

- Sea to Sky Drive to View point (VCH)

- Order take out from Tacofino Vancouver and take it to Spanish Banks

- Tim Horton's Hot Chocolate and La Farge Lake

- Picnic in the park

- Picnic on the floor in the living room

- Sign up for

- Check out edX

- Duolingo Language learning together

-Paint Night- I've always wanted to do this one, we randomly were watching YouTube videos and I found Bob Ross instructionals .. my plan is to pick up a couple canvas' and paints from the dollar store and do this at home one night with Verlon while enjoying cocktails. 

- Star Gazing -

I suggest somewhere not near the City: Pitt Meadows is great, or Squamish - Ultimately Manning Park top of the mountain is where it's at. We did this in the summer and watched a comet go by. 

- Drive In Movie - Aldergrove

- Restorative Yoga (search on Youtube)

- Tubing on Cypress Mt.

- DrinkTV @TheStaceyRoy can teach you how to make cool cocktails

- V and I use to play this game where we flipped a quarter and it decided left or right on a drive and see where we end up. In 8 Dates there's a game to follow a random car and see where it ends up. I can't help but think how that might freak the person in the other car out, but heh what if you ended up somewhere unknown?!

Here's a few suggestions - Happy Dating!