Aliza's First Birthday, Teddy Bear Theme

 Aliza's first birthday happened this past weekend over on the island and well we decided to have some fun with it. It was a small party my immediate family and then my sister-in-law's family which ended up being 14 people plus the little ones on my sister-in-law's side.

My sis (S.I.L - can I do that? refer to her as S.I.L. = sister in law) organized all the food, co-ordinating with both families - my parents hosted the party at their home, and I --- decorated! Heck yes, I went to pink teddy bear heaven and never came back. I knew it was going to be an adult party (other then the 3 little ones including Aliza) so why not have some fun with it. I love dinner parties!! If only I was good at cooking, I see why I didn't manage the food now...

These teddy bear quotes hang from the dinning light saying 
"Teddy bears don't need hearts they are already stuffed with love"

teacup flower arrangement

after dinner mints (left)

Each child was given a teddy bear with their names on it and a lyric from the Teddy Bear Picnic song

grown up take home treat bags for cake and yummies

My favourite part I think was the little tree's which are now sitting in my home, can't wait till i get to trim them into shapes (thanks phillips body groom for her ads).

seats for the little ones

aunty and aliza -- too bad she doesn't look all that impressed...

daddy & aliza

my S.I.L. trying to get her in her chair for dinner, while Aliza is plotting how to reach the balloons up high

she learned "hug" recently

Aliza says: "But daddy where is my red convertible like on sweet 16?" - actually it was more like a squeak "ba ba, ba ba"

Yum! Aliza's gluten-free cupcakes especially for her.

"that was delicious, gimme more..."

my gift to Aliza, a kitty winter jacket fully equipt with tail. heck yes, aunty gets the fun outfits that are white... hello oxyclean!