Hart House Wedding // Danielle & Derek

There was an absolute abundance of love at Danielle and Derek's wedding and support for these two that found each other years prior but made sure their relationship with God was priority and then it was evident that God made it evident to each other that they were meant to be. 

It was a strange June weather day with a  thunder storm in the morning as we were attempting to get Danielle into her father's classic car. The rain pelted down hard on the pavement with large water balloon sized drops. Hiding underneath the cover of an old growth tree in the front yard, we tried to wait it out as we laughed at how suddenly the storm came. It was clear this cloud meant business and wasn't going to stop, so we huddled quickly into the cars. I grabbed the umbrellas attempting to escort the bride and her bridesmaids safely into the vehicles. Thank goodness for weather proof gear and polyester dresses that dry quick! I was a wet dog, thank goodness no one looks at the photographer. 

By the time we reached the private first look location it was only spitting gently and we thought the worse was over. Finally the Bride would get to see her Prince Charming and with a strong embrace the day that would forever change their lives was set in motion. Finally they were together. A walk down the aisle, vows made and said, and I do and finally a first kiss as husband and wife. Let the adventures begin.

Venue: The Hart House Restaurant
Bride's Dress: Champagne & Lace, Abbotsford, BC