Theresa & John's TEASER ALERT! White Rock Engagement Photographer

Theresa walked into her sorority's Halloween party and was drawn to the man with the tattooed face mask. The mysteriousness of it all led the intrigue. After an evening spent chat tin' up this mysterious man whom she would later find out was John - she was hooked.

A few weeks later fate struck and Theresa walked into a pub and sitting with her friends was was this guy. It was the mystery man from the party - John.

These two were incredibly fun to photograph, right from the beginning they just let loose and had fun with each other. There was so much laughter and playing, it didn't feel like a photo-shoot. It felt like just a fun day at the beach with friends. I cannot wait for your wedding here in Langley. 

Here are some photos from Theresa & John's White Rock Engagement.