Camping in July

Back in July we made made a camping trip to Hope to visit with Verlon's family. I grew up very much a 'city' girl... except the city was tiny and called Victoria. Family holidays never consisted of camping, my parents idea of a vacation included an airplane, and a comfy bed. Which is why we didn't go on many vacations as a kid. I clearly remember making a 'tent' on our old deck as a kid during the summer and reading away the time with books like the Hobbit and Harry Potter.

This year I've pretty much nailed down that camping is actually incredibly relaxing, almost in the let's go to Hawaii and sit on a beach type of relaxing (but heyo, if the budget allows for Hawaii every year, I may lean that way... just saying). We went earlier this year and it's just nice to have no cell phone reception, no internet, no distractions. It's when you can actually spend quality time together talking, swimming, hiking, etc. Sometimes you just need to unplug. We're all so busy and connected 24-7 sometimes I feel like I forget what it's like to just unplug and unwind. If/When we have kids, I'm pretty sure I'm going to make a solid attempt at taking them camping every year. No computers, PS3's, or electronics - just the simple way to play - outdoor adventuring and such. 

It was our only weekend off before the wedding season really hit full swing and I knew I wanted to be soaking in the summer heat and at the lake. We enjoyed family and basked in the sun - but with our photography addiction we never strayed too far from a camera the whole time. I'm really excited about the photos on this blog post because they weren't taken by me, but by Verlon and I love them. He busted his little baby niece sneaking blueberries while grandma was washing dishes. I love her look up at Verlon in the photo like she was busted. The day before she was sneaking apricots and pitting them and bringing one at a time to us. The week before she learned to pitt apricots with her mom while making jam - it's wild how quickly little ones catch onto things. 

I want to take time to unwind, unplug and just soak in the sun. We all need a break sometimes. If your getting married this summer maybe the week of your wedding - grab a blanket, head to a park or the lakes and just be. Whenever Verlon and I just take time to breathe we enjoy this time together - these are moments that I know I will cherish later. Like cuddling in sleeping bags under the stars.