Vancouver Family Photographer | Robyn, Mike & Brady

One of the biggest events of your life is getting married and one of the most precious moments of life is when you have a child. And as much as I don't like to say it, I hear it from everyone - there's something special about your first child (I'm the youngest). For as much as they are finding out new things, so are you as a parent. Seeing the way Robyn & Mike were with Brady makes me really excited to be a parent one day (God willing).

We had been scheduling this session since January - can you believe it? We finally lucked out with the perfect weather and timed out session around light & tide times in Whiterock. The best part of being a lifestyle photographer is we can really just have fun & play. Children are not meant to sit still and pose for an hour or longer - so I take a different approach. Let's play and if the opportunity arises where we can get some cute poses in there - I POUNCE ON IT!

Brady was exceptionally amazing, I'm giving full credit to Robyn & Mike's relaxed approach with him - that's totally how I'd like to be one day with kids. We had a good time walking around the pier, beach and enjoyed the sunshine. Family sessions are a fun time to just bond with you and your spouse but also your kids! Children grow up quickly and having the photos to document those changes is important.

I was lucky enough to come along when my dad invested in a great canon film slr, but my siblings weren't so lucky, they have a handful of photographs of them of children, and I constantly hear from them how they wished there was more - even just simple videos. Parents, take videos of your kids - you have phones, do it!

If your a parent looking to take better photos of your child depending on age, give them something to do. Some of my favourite shots of Brady are when he is playing in the sand around him - it's all new, this was his first time in the sand.  If your child is a bit older and can walk/run - get them to run back and forth between you (with your camera) and tag a nearby tree. The kids get excited, and you get some cute photos of them coming straight towards you!

Jolene & Ben a video love story, vancouver wedding photographer

I asked Breanne if this would be something she would be into - come along to an engagement session and let's get some fusion going on. A video and stills from the session. I'm so impressed! Breanne is a student at Vancouver Film School (I recently had a portrait session with her on a music video project).

Here is the awesome video she put together for Jolene & Ben, ask about video on your engagement session!

Gas Town Engagement Photos - Cindy & Mark

I went to high school with her maid of honour and friend Jenny. When Cindy & Mark got engaged Jenny sent them on my way and was I ever glad to meet them. Jenny and I always had a fun sense of humour and these two are no different.

We had an excellent day of sunshine in downtown Vancouver for their engagement session. They came over from the island to do the session and the day was gorgeous! On our way back from Stanley Park due to traffic jams (and lack of taxis) we walked back from stanley park to gas town... lets just say I owe Cindy big... she had heels on... sorry!!!!! But girl while you walked you looked gorgeous in your black dress!

I'm really excited for their wedding this summer and I'm so glad they chose me to capture their day!