How perspectives change

This past weekend started out just like every other weekend, breakfast with friends at a local restaurant (this week was iHop, I regretted not getting pancakes), and I even won $50 on a lottery ticket. Saturday afternoon was brimming with promise as the plan was to go bowling later that night -- alright it's cold outside, needed an "indoor" activity.... and then I was washing the dishes and a mason jar shattered on my wrist. Yup, it was deep and it was gross. My first thought was "what should i do?" oh right! pressure! So I made sure (while trying to drip on my t-shirt) to grab the dark towel and wrap it around my wrist, off we went to the emergency to get stitches. 

I had remembered getting stitches as a kid, and remembered it being horrifically painful... so i was a little nervous. It wasn't that bad. The worst part was blacking out in the waiting room when the nurse swapped my towel for a real bandage/gauze. Needless to say it made the wait at the Langley Emergency half the time! Score! Mind you when I wouldn't wake up, the nurse pinched me so hard --- i just remember waking up to a crazy pain in my hand. My BPM were low as were my blood pressure, and they were threatening I would need IV if it didn't change.. I did my best to perk up. 

I had a great dr, who stitched me up good as new, and the finally today I can type again without pain in my right hand! Thanks doc! 

And then Sunday Night... (insert "dun, dun dun" - terror sequel music) and the flu hit hard! I had a lack of a hand and the flu. Lucky for me the flu passed yesterday and now I'm good as new, and my hand is back in order without much pain! 

Sometimes I feel I need to be reminded of the little things. Like how much I'm missing out on my little niece growing up in Victoria, I miss her the most now... alright she doesn't know it yet, but I do. It's so hard to be far away from family sometimes and feel out of the loop on their get-togethers. Sometimes it feels so odd going home since your not really there all that often, or hearing about all the fun adventures they have while your gone. But then I plunk myself in my mom's lap and get a back massage and think "oh man, i've been missing out" and I feel right at home! 

Sometimes life gets hectic and over whelming and I feel that I really forget about the little things and get caught up in silly things. This year I'm going to try and make more time for family, because I really want to be there for my little niece as she grows up.