It's finally Summer!

Today marks the official first day of summer, and today's weather was really a witness to that, I was just wishing I had a shoot today! I've been shooting so much recently it's been amazing - I feel so blessed (I feel like I'm overplaying that sentence). This year has been a year of tremendous growth, learning and so much reward. 5 years ago if you were to ask me where I'd be -- I truly never imagined here. Life has taken me where I feel I truly belong, and I've never been so in love with photography as I am right now. 

There's something I can't explain about being behind a camera and seeing other individuals shine in front of it. I'm often so amazed at how comfortable they are in front of my lens. Recently a lot of the shoots I've been doing have been engagement photos or weddings and each one feels so incredibly different. Obviously the couples all make it very different, but the experience and "feeling" is so different - it's like watching romantic movies every week. I feel pretty lucky that way -- I get to watch a romantic movie of stills with each session.

Before a wedding there is a lot of prep - the obvious; consultations with couples, getting to know them, their engagement sessions, and then all the other details (organizing locations, gear etc)... My personal way to get ready for a wedding shoot the couple days before is to listen to all things wedding music related... yes that's right Brides, I also get the jitters for your wedding! No, not nervous to photograph - just so excited to be apart of the day, I get in the moment with the music. "Going to the Chapel, and we're gonna get married..." (Going To The Chapel Of Love- The Dixie Cups). Classic - but there's better... Glee - "Marry Me" - really does get that ewwy gooey feeling going for weddings. Maybe I'm a sap but I love it.

In May before heading off to Cuba, I had the pleasure to photograph two beautiful women Debbi & LB (Linda-Beth). I had the honour of photographing their Wedding. It was an intimate Wedding with friends and family at Muse Winery in Victoria, B.C. (what an awesome location! on the inner inlet - not to mention the wine was delicious!). Debbi & LB found me while they were at home in U.A.E! We hadn't met before, and most of our conversing was via email prior to their arrival in Canada. I had such an amazing time photographing their wedding, and being apart of their day -- meeting all their friends & family and hearing about their lives pre & with each other at the reception during the speeches. As a photographer you really get to know your couple even on the day of! I wish them nothing but the best - and I hope one day I'll see you again in Canada!!!