Happy 30th Birthday To The Man I Love

Dear Verlon,

Your turning 30 or as you like to call it "29+1" or "29 v.2"either way I feel like your a fine wine and you only get better with age ;-). We known each other now for 8 years, which just feels like yesterday, no lie. You tolerated me in my teenage years while I tried to look past your fashion choices; meeting you in your paisley blue shirt, long hair and aviators (no, I will never forget it). You always were a stubborn one (meanwhile I was always a princess...) and I know that you would never do anything unless you really wanted to commit and so when we started this journey and you came on board so we could be a team for wedding photography, I felt so grateful. Not only do I get to do something that I love, but I also get to share it with you - and your as excited about it as I am. I've loved seeing our art grow together and seeing us both develop our own styles creating such a well rounded wedding experience for our couples. 

This birthday I want to celebrate all that is you and what helps make Dragonflight what it is - I'm so proud of the man you are, Christian, dedicated, passionate, loyal, ambitious, and compassionate. You always know how to soothe my fears, or surprise me with gestures. I cannot express how blessed I feel that God has brought us both together. Of all the people in the world, and in all the ways - I truly can't even begin to say how lucky I feel.

Thank you for always being there for me, thank you for always wanting to capture the moment with me. Thank you for all our car ride adventures, random late night munchie excursions, finding the best coffee, traveling anywhere, and always being ready for adventure to please my spontaneity. I wouldn't change anything about you... okay maybe one thing, please put the towel hanging on the back of the door.

Happy Birthday my love - I can't wait for your birthday weekend to begin!

Love always, 

The following photographs are from our amazing session with Jasalyn Thorne she has such an artistic eye and strives for fine art images that Verlon and I both appreciate very much. Thank you so very much for such a great session and images we will always look back on and love!

And a favourite of my 'cool guy' wearing his sunglasses in vegas this past march.

 i love you.