Happy Thanks Giving

It's that time of year again, the turkey coma weekend. I hope everyone is enjoying this time to relax and connect with their families. Life is incredibly short and we need to cherish these moments when we can to surround ourselves with people who love and care about us. 

It was nice to have the weekend off to enjoy some time in Victoria with my family as it has been a while that I could come to Victoria, not work and just enjoy my families company. The joy that my little niece brings to our family has change our dynamic completely, and I love it. She lights up our get togethers with all the cute, and ridiculous things she does. Like yesterday she was mimicking the 'Gangnam Style' video side shuffling around, riding a horse dance and making my old childhood stuffed cat toy dance with her. It's wild how observant she is, being she is only 2. It makes me feel extra cautious since she responds and is so much more aware than you really think such a young child would be. I'm incredibly thankful for her and she reminds our family to spend more time with laughter and love.

I hope all your Thanks Giving weekend's were filled with love, laughter and so much more.

    Highlight of the weekend was seeing my little niece, it's so wild so see how much she's changed as she grows. Have a great long weekend everyone!