Behind the Scenes - Seaside, Oregon - Wedding Photographer's Time Off

I have this bug that creeps up on me when I least expect it or thought I've 'cured' it. I'm never entirely sure when I'll get it, usually it's about every 4 months. They call it the "Travel Bug". Ever intoxicating feeling of wanting to explore and adventure to places we've never been. In the last three years we've made it a real priority to travel and see different things. Even if it's just a quick drive out to Harrison Lake for the day, we want to constantly take advantage of our down time and explore/travel.

 If you've read my blog before you would know that my mother has a bone disease that limits her abilities, affects her eye sight and pressure in the eye. Travelling is very complicated for my mother due to her condition. She sat me down this past year to tell me that I should make sure I travel and do as much as I can while I'm young and healthy and don't bank on retirement. My father works incredibly hard as an entrepreneur and they were hoping to do a lot of their travelling as they got older, but between my mother being ill, it takes a lot of planning and sometimes worsens her condition. She told me to live in moderation but do my best to seize the moment that is now.

 The whole conversation really changed my mindset on life really. Do what you love, be passionate about it and at the same time live.

 Last week Verlon and I went down to Seaside, Oregon and travelled down the coast all the way to Newport (about mid-way). The West Coast is gorgeous, and I hope to make this trip again. We had initially planned on camping it, but due to procrastination and last minute bookings we kept postponing it to the point where any campsites we wanted to stay at were fully booked. However, I'll give points to procrastination - we lucked out, and I mean hugely lucked out on a waterfront spot that wasn't book and available last minute, SCORE!

If you plan on driving down the West Coast you will not be disappointed. It's beautiful and it's a must to do at least once. Some of the places we absolutely loved: - Yummy! Wine Bar and Bistro in Seaside, Oregon - MOJO Coffee in Lincoln City - Newport Boutiques on the Sea - Cannon Beach - Hug Point.

"I got my swimsuit and my flippy floppies"

token in the car driving photo

Seaside, Oregon Strip

Seaside Beach

Smug Ver at Hug Point

So, I think I'm pretty clever but I knew I wanted photos of us on the beach and well... I knew how awesome the timer function worked on my camera... aka I had to book it to be in the photo, and then I came across this nifty device called a remote! Yup, any of the photos taken of both of us were done by remote control! I framed the photo just how I wanted it (crop in camera), set the settings manually and voila remote photos of us. This was only great because we were pulling tourist stops and needed photos...everywhere...

But we tried to do some fun running/jumping photos and they totally didn't turn out or work since there is such a harsh delay with the remote, and well honestly the camera is stationary... I need to hire a pro-photog to simply follow us around when we go on trips since I'm so bent on taking pictures of Verlon & I.

photo taken by Verlon Mundall

One other very important tid bit I'd like to bring up is how awesome everywhere in the US serves ICE BREW TEA! That's right not the sweet syrupy stuff we have up here. But REAL BREW TEA! How awesome is that? I swear part of me was meant to live in Georgia/Floria and sip ice tea on a porch for the rest of my being.

Play the lottery while waiting for your order of breakfast, sure! Sounds like a fun idea to me. We played the Oregon State Lottery and though we didn't win millions... we won $4.00 - hey small victories right?

 The Cafe we ate at the Gearhart Junction had an awesome breakfast. I never saw "Biscuits & Gravy" for breakfast before so I gave it a go and oh my goodness was it ever yummy! It was like a scone covered in a cream breakfast gravy and the breaky potatoes were delish! A definite breakfast stop just outside of Seaside, Oregon.

If you've driven anywhere in the US every block has these little pop up Coffee Drive Through Shops and how awesome is this one? MOJO Coffee was not only really great coffee just outside of Lincoln City but the building itself was adorable! By far the best looking drive through coffee shop! Not only that but the staff member who was working was incredibly kind!

Newport Beach - how beautiful is that!

Okay, I'm really excited to mention this place - YUMMY! Wine Bar & Bistro. Seriously, incredible food & wine. Verlon and I stopped here and enjoyed our meal & experience so much we went back on our last night in town just to get take out to enjoy! We had the Silvan Ridge - Viogner and it was fabulous! 

I was just so stoked about this place I had to attached some Instagram photos below that show our meal. We had the 'Beet Salad' that was so flavourful with roasted beets sliced, honey maple walnuts, montrachet cheese herb crèmefraîche, dried fruit, milled juniper berries, crumbled gorgonzola cheese, basil dressed organic greens.

I had then the house made yummy veggie burger tofu & peanut based burger patty, fresh avocado, tillamook cheddar cheese, sliced tomatoes, red wine port and black truffle ketchup, organic baby arugula, on a toasted pesto focaccia roll. Heyo, gourmet burger!

Verlon had the pistachio gnocchi soft potato dumplings slow cooked with ground pistachio butter, topped with roasted marinated tomatoes, sweet peas, grated asiago cheese & fresh parsley. I had a few bites (okay, more than a few) and it was so delicious. This place really had their menu down pat.

And we enjoyed the tasty desert of lemon tartlet   this very zesty lemon tartlet is topped with pure vanilla bean whipped cream & accompanied with a red wine blueberry compote. I don't usually choose any lemon related treats as most of the time I get disappointed or want cheesecake... yeaaaa I have a little sweet tooth. Anyway, this tartlet rocked my world so much that we ordered it twice!

I don't usually write so much about specifics of food we eat while we travel, but seriously - I just loved this placed.

Trip highlights on Instagram
Maple Bacon Cupcakes - Yup! And were they ever delicious! I was so surprised.

Near Sand Lake, Oregon - forest at the look out. It was such a foggy day the forest was looking sort of magical.

Well, I hope you enjoyed getting a few into the behind the scenes of what's going on recently. I loved Oregon and highly advise everyone to make a trip there, even if it's just once to drive along the coast.