Trash that Dress!

Above are some photos of the trash the dress session I had recently. But I'm actually away at the moment with family for a family friend's funeral. It really hit home that we are only here for a short time. I'll write more another time. I just felt like sharing the photos...


Busy, Busy!

Since I've been taking time off, and only working freelance for design and photography I would have thought things to be slow! My, was I wrong! Things have been so busy lately, which is great! The valentines special has taken off with a multitude of popularity! I just finished working on some cover art for a couple that I am photographing their wedding on March 7th, here's their wedding gallery card above.

Take care,


It's February!

It's February, which means Valentines day is around the corner. This month's photography special is dedicated to all those photo-mantics, always wishing they had a beauty photo, or just pictures of themselves as a couple! Don't miss this great opportunity, to get photos this February.

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