La Perla Ballroom Wedding Photographer: Isabel and Francois

50mm of Rain...

That's what the forecast told us the week leading up to Isabel & Francois' Wedding. 40-50mm of rain on Saturday and I'm pretty certain I've never seen such huge water drops. Whenever it rains on a wedding day everyone always says "Hope you had a good day, despite the rain" - who isn't to say that the rain really also helped make the day more memorable? Not only did Isabel & Francois cozy up indoors and watch the rain fall outside from the Inn at the Quay but it made a great excuse for indoor photographs in the church, and at the Inn at the Quay. Rain has a certain romance to it - almost every girl dreams of being kissed in the rain. All the most important moments in romantic movies always happens in the rain ie, the notebook, Serendipity (ok snow... close enough for Vancouver) etc. 

Their ceremony took place in Our Lady of Fatima Portuguese Church in Vancouver lead by a hilarious Brazilian priest, one of the most memorable ceremonies we've attended. He created smiles throughout the ceremony and laughs. After the I Do's we kept inside the warm church and visited with family & friends then ventured off to the Inn at the Quay where we would wait out the rain in hopes of perhaps taking a walk on the docks.

La Perla was beautifully decorated by Le Soiree Weddings & Events. It was lovely with all the candles, lights and glowing smiles on the guests as they celebrated Isabel & Francois marriage.