Hart House Wedding Burnaby: Kathryn & Richard

The Hart House is one our favourite venues for weddings and on this exceptionally beautiful day - Kathryn & Richard were wed. With a late afternoon ceremony facing west the two gathered in the warm embracing light of the evening and had the exchanging of their vows & rings. In the morning, with respect to their heritage - the held a tea ceremony for their close family & parents. I always love the Chinese Tea Ceremony that follows the bridal party games. How the groom must "win" over the bride with daring heroic feats.

Richard would not buckle at any challenge but instead fought through it to win over his love. With Kathryn watching from the balcony much like Repunzel, she awaited her prince charming to come and meet her. It was a lovely wedding and we were joined by the amazing duo - Hello Tomorrow. Erin & Mac always are a pleasure to work with.

Photographs were taken on the back lawns of the Hart House and Burnaby Heritage Museum whilst having fun soaking up the days events. After a beautiful late afternoon ceremony, the couple and guests were greeted with servers and champagne toasting to comense the cocktail hour. Soon after the first corse was then served with dragon dancers entertaining guests and brining good fortune to the couple. 

With beautiful dress changes in between courses and speeches, Kathryn was the belle of the evening and it was always so obvious the way Rich would look at her. With a twinkle in his eye and a smile.