Mexico bound! | destination wedding photographer

I couldn't sleep the whole night, full of excitement and a little nervous. I was excited at all the possibilities and what the photos would be like, how the weather would be -- what could I do to be more creative. Those were the feelings I had when I photographed the very first wedding by myself -- and felt more recently the night before my brother Ric & his fiance Nicky's engagement photo session. I never thought I'd be photographing my brother's engagement photos nor a wedding! It's such an honour and that I was asked to take their photos. 

A while back I had a chance to photograph them in Victoria, and I'm not going to lie -- the nervous side of me showed up, along with some pressure. They did fantastic on their photo session -- and I got to see a new side of the two of them. Because I live on the mainland I find I do miss out on opportunities to hangout with family 1v1 so it was really nice to be able to just see them, close and passionate for their engagement photos. 

Today is our first day in Mexico, and I thought it would be fitting to post their engagement photo session on the blog. Congrats Ric & Nicky! I'm so excited for you both, and I had a new sister now!

(oh and just a little shout out Cancun Palace is amazing!!)

it was Ric & Nicky's 2nd year anniversary of living in their new home. Ric & Nicky built a brand new home together in Victoria.

NiKo - their puppy dog, and trial baby


Sorry Ric, I had to post this! Anyone who knows you -- knows your goofy streak this photo just proves it!