Ricardo & Nicolette, Cancun Palace - Mexico Destination Wedding

I have never been so nervous for a wedding like I was for my older brother Ricardo's wedding to Nicolette aka Rico & Nicky, and if you aren't familiar with my family they have a little one... a little Yorkie named "Niko" a mix of Rico & Nicky. 

The group left from Victoria and headed to beautiful sunny Cancun for the wedding. We stayed at the beautiful luxe resort of Cancun Palace. I'm not sure if it was just the whole adventure of travelling to the wedding or the fact the pressure was on for their wedding -- but it was definitely a rush. We were very tight on time of the day of which added to the pressure. 

When I was younger I was constantly under Ric's feet. I would follow him and his friends (i'm sure they remember that vividly). If anyone was going to hang out at Ric's and well, play video games - I was always wanting to play too. Usually I was the 4th player in Mario Kart or Soul Calibur. Yes, little video game geek here! In someways I think I was pretty much raised by my two older brothers Marco & Rico -- hockey and video games was the norm.

When I saw Ric & Nicky after their return trip from Disney Land last New Year's and they said they were engaged -- I thought it's about time! After 5+ years, I was waiting for the day for Nicky to become my sister in law. On the day of, when it really sunk it that they were meant to be was when I saw Ric tear up as Nicky walked down the isle. I have never seen my brother tear up, this moment was so big. After the big wedding celebrations Ric & Nicky decided the evening wasn't done, so we all went up to our rooms to change and go for a walk on the beach at night. Lucky for us, we witnessed 3 - 4 momma Turtles laying eggs on the beach. It was so unbelievable to watch these massive Sea Turtles coming up only at night to lay their eggs. There were conservation officers on the beach to make sure no tourists disturbed them and no photography was allowed as the flash is unnatural and scares them.

Destination Weddings are a completely different experience. Close friends and family travel with you for one of the biggest moments of your life. It's a whole week of celebration and visiting with those people close to you -- I think I love that aspect the most. I live in Langley while my whole family lives in Victoria and although they are close, I don't get to see them as much as I'd like. Spending time with my whole family everyday for a week was such an amazing time -- I wish our family would travel more together. The reason why this Cancun trip meant so much to me is life is precious, and we can't always make time for each other during everyday busy life. While we were in Cancun, there was no work, no other priorities just quality time and a time to celebrate Ric & Nicky getting married. 

I'm so very happy for my brother Ric and his new wife Nicky. Welcome to the family Nicky!

Verlon took these of me during cocktail hour (above)

While I snapped these of Verlon -- poor guy was sick on the day of the wedding.

my other brother Marco stealing the 2nd camera - he likes to think he's a photographer at heart too. 

my brother Rico and me. Thanks Verlon for this photo.

Uncle Rico, Daddy Marco and baby Aliza - she likes to steal the show...

yum, baby "mum mums"

my sister in law Kristi, Marco & Aliza. 

At the end of the evening, we all went up to our rooms and changed - to go for a walk on the beach to watch the Sea Turtles laying eggs.