Our Vacation to Hawaii and Afternoon Tea

Picture this, you wake up warm and bathed in light from the sun next to the love of your life. Slowly opening your eyes your a little unsure as to where you are. You can smell the ocean and hear the sound of waves crashing against the beach shoreline. Digging your toes into the warm sand you open your eyes to an almost empty beach. Lucky for us, we found a beach just outside of Waikiki - Ala Moana, and on most days it was near empty. Verlon always had to mentioned while we were there, how he rented the beach just for me.

With our towels from the hotel making a pillow to rest our heads, and our Canuck blanket to lay on; we soaked up the sun in Oahu, Hawaii. It was probably most different of all the trips we've taken together (besides the wedding day pouring rain on us harder than in Vancouver). We were constantly exploring in our trusty rental car, we drove around the entire island while we visited. We even went out towards local hang outs on the West side (which has gorgeous private beaches). During the nights we spent our time walking the beach, exploring the shopping that Waikiki had to offer - I mean window shopping (LV, Gucci, Marc Jacobs... anything for the savvy shopper). We found our favourite coffee shop "Island Vintage" and then it became our addiction to the 'Island Latte'. A mix of mac nut & coconut in ice coffee goodness. It was butt-kickingly awesome. Honolulu Cookie Company filled our suit cases & tummy's with Kona coffee flavoured cookies. While visiting Hawaii, as it was my first time I was addicted to photograph the trip. Here's my personal photographs from our trip. I plan to post the photos from Taryn & Aaron's Hawaii - La'ie, North Shore Wedding soon.

In the last three years I never envisioned that I would travel so much and most of it all Wedding/Photography related. I've had my amazing man come with me almost ever step of the way (when possible) and for that I thank God for placing him in my life.

I've been so blessed to have couples that want me at their wedding and allow me to share in their trip and and get to know them as they join hands in marriage. I tell all my couples this, you are lucky; you found the person you want to spend forever with. So many people search their whole lives, and sometimes do not. You have a partner, a teammate, support and love from your best friend. I am lucky because you want to share your story with me. You have your choice of many talented photographers but you all chose me. For that I am forever grateful. Thank you for sharing your love stories with me. Here are some photographs from our visit to Hawaii.

Also as this blogpost falls on March 11, 2012 - I'd just like to take a minute and pay tribute to Japan one year after the terrible tsunami. The Japanese people have suffered so much due to this terrible natural disaster and I will keep them in my prayers. They showed the world their courage, humility, respect and love for one another while in disaster. Hopefully their horrible tragedy showed the world a culture that deserves the utmost respect and we should learn a thing or two from them.

 The view of the courtyard inside Moana Surf Rider Resort - this is where we had afternoon tea
I want to get married in a plantation home. I think I was meant to be from Georgia, Florida... Alabama.. Southern Belle

You can see bits of the ocean through the umbrellas... yup we were on the beach and it was beautiful

Could you imagine walking down those grandiose stairs with a beautiful lace wedding gown...

my GQ man - Verlon

I loved the architecture inside. So classy.

Verlon turning the tables on me. "Hey, no more pictures of me - it's your turn" - Verlon

I could spent every afternoon having tea with this guy. What an amazing guy, I can convince him to have tea with me. He's a real man, he likes to keep his gal happy haha.

Afternoon Tea started with carrot soup, followed with sandwiches, and petits.

I had the first lady tea - consisted of a fan and rose champagne as an addition. I wasn't arguing with champagne at noon.

"Hunny, Look off into the distance and fan yourself - trust me it will look good!" - Verlon... the real question was what was I staring at... I was staring at the pouring rain, hoping it wouldn't get worse. Yup, rain in Hawaii.

Along with my Southern Belle persona I took on while at the plantation style resort - we sipped tea. It was so delicious. Thank you to Kailey-Michelle Events who gave me the heads up on tea. (View her website here).

The blowhole (left)

the hillsides reminded me of the Azores - I couldn't believe how alike the islands are

Waimea Bay - Beach

Malasadas - a Portuguese tradition. My mother would make these before lent, and I would sneak into the kitchen as she was making them, dip them in sugar and steal 5-6 for snacks. So yummy. I couldn't believe how much Portuguese culture was in Hawaii.

Ala Moana Beach - Diamond in the background

Fireworks display by Hilton Hawaiian Village

Our Pearl Harbour visit

Blog posts on route: Vegas, Vegas Photo-shoot, Hawaii Wedding and More!