Grayson One Week Old in Maple Ridge, Newborn Photographer

It was about one week to Alicia's due date when she called me and told me she was approaching her due date. We arranged a time to photograph Alicia & Devon's sweet baby Grayson the following week.
Teenie tiny hands, fingers, toes, eyes & nose all wrapped in soft sweet baby skin. I just wanted to lay on their chaise lounge chair and cuddle with Grayson.

Alicia & Devon welcomed me into their home to take photos of Grayson in the morning and we had a great session. He was such a well behaved newborn! So quiet and sleepy. The knitted blanket we set out was especially made for the little one and he just dozed off on it.

I was so happy to photograph Grayson, I love newborn photos. I appreciate being reminded how babies are such miracles. Even though there are highs and lows, and I'm sure every parent can attest to that last statement - the highs make it so worth while.