Bonnie & Ali Engagement Session - Chilliwack, BC

Bonnie had the travel bug, and decided to head over to Australia and live in Hobart. While on a camping trip on the East Coast of Tasmania with her sister who was visiting. She met Ali on this camping trip. The rest of many weekends were spent over the next two and half months hanging out with Ali and his friends. It was obvious they had a connection and 2 years later Ali moved to Canada.  For the next several years neither of them would know that their paths crossing would forever change their lives. One day they went out for Sushi to catch up again after all these years.  Bonnie admitted that her chopstick skills were lacking and Ali joked that the two should go out for sushi every week so Bonnie could practice. And so they did. And now they're engaged and getting married this September!

They had tickets to go to a Coldplay concert in Vancouver and decided to make a day trip in Vancouver. They started at the Vancouver Aquarium and walked around Stanley Park. As the walk drew to be longer and longer and walking all over the Park, Bonnie's suspicion grew and with that Ali started singing to her. He started singing an altered version of a Coldplay song singing "I bought a ring. I bought a ring for you' and then he pulled out the ring, got on one knee and asked if Bonnie would marry him. With a shriek Bonnie screamed out 'YES!'. After being newly engaged they trekked onto Gastown for drinks and dinner to celebrate. Then onward to an unforgettable Coldplay concert.

Bonnie's family has a large property in Chilliwack and that is where we photographed their engagement session. A regular thing for the two was going for bike rides after Church on Sundays and wanted to incorporate it into their session. We wandered around the farm and then headed off to Cultus lake. Bonnie & Ali are planning to move over to Tasmania after their wedding and wanted to take back some pieces of home in the photographs.