Merry Christmas & Happy New Years - Holidays 2013

Verlon and I just wanted to take the chance to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope your holidays are joyous, full of laughter, love and making memories. We are off travelling to our families and will return to the office in the New Year.
God Bless,

Ashley & Verlon

Vancouver Proposal Photographer // Vancouver Centre for Performing Arts // Mike & Stacey

"Ash, we need to talk - something big is going down."

Mike and I chatted back in September and he told me he was planning to propose to his lovely girlfriend Stacey and wanted me there to photograph it. The concept: Mike is well connected in the cinematography and videography world here in Vancouver between working on Music videos or filming his episodes of Soldiers of the Apocalypse it only made sense to turn one of their projects into the scene for a proposal. 

Last week at the Centre for Performing Arts in Vancouver they were filming a music video for "Abandon Paris" a local band's new single "Hollywood" (I can't get the song out of my head now after hearing it all day last week!). With the support of the band, cast and crew - everyone knew that the proposal would be happening at the end of the filming. Stacey is an actress, and was casted for the video to be one of the contestants for their faux idol competition in the video. She had no idea. It was just a regular day on set. 

The last scene was wrapping up, and everyone was asked to come up on stage to get a "crew video". Then the band started playing... but it wasn't one of their songs... it was The Scorpions - The Best is Yet to Come and Mike was singing it to Stacey. 

Mike had been taking singing lessons for weeks to prepare for this night. And he did amazing! Mid-way through their song, Mike knelt down on one knee and asked the woman of his dreams if she would marry him. 

After all the love from family and friends, Mike & Stacey asked if we could take a few photographs in the theatre before clean up. Thanks so much for having us there!

A huge thank you goes out to Dayne Cody for photographing with me and his lovely wife Shelley for assisting! Congratulations Mike and Stacey!

Mike, the sly guy he is - "We Need Extras!" - que Mike's Parents coming and his sister and her husband. Along with a lot friends!

Ever seen the popular Youtube video "How to be a Vancouverite?" insert Youtube'r/Judge above. Really nice guy, was a pleasure to meet you all!