Engagement Photo Guestbook: Vancouver Wedding Photographer

The talk of the professional photography town has been what to do when disks/usb bite the dust just like floppy drives did. If your photos are saved only onto a disk how will you access them and thus the huge encouragement towards getting a wedding album. There is definitely something to be said for flipping pages of a beautiful book or album the quality of having it right there in your lap. I highly encourage albums as a keepsake. 

But what about those engagement photos? That's where a great small book of your engagement photos can be used as a guest signing book. Keep the photos from your engagement along side precious words from friends and family. 

The guestbook below I designed for Nicole & Dave who were recently wed earlier this month. I'm really happy with the overall design and love that they incorporated stories into the book of how they met. Wall space for hanging up portraits does run out - but there's always coffee tables for albums and books. 

Victoria Baby Photographer: Heather, Michael & Liam

Introducing Liam! I couldn't have been more amazed by this little one - he was so cute and slept through most of our session! I don't often photograph babies but its always such an honour to capture such a precious moment in a families life. From letting me into their home and allowing me to pose their newborn, I always feel very grateful for the opportunity to help make photographic memories.

I thought since I was posting this baby session that I would include some tips that have helped me with newborn and baby sessions to go smoothly. The first biggest tip is to crank the heat in your home. Your baby is use to being cuddled and swaddled with love and body heat... so turn up the heat to keep them warm - especially if you want those cute bare bottom photographs. 

Try to feed your baby before our session up until 20 minutes before I get there so you can have a chance to burp and soothe them. Do not worry if the baby is fussy during our session - we will go at your babies pace and take breaks for feeding. Have a clean tidy space available for photographs and keep the people to a minimum. A quiet atmosphere helps baby relax - white noise is always helpful too!

There's plenty of more tips that help with baby's first photo-session feel free to contact me prior to your session for more info!

Yaletown Maternity Photographer: Katie & Craig

I say it time and time again - no where is as beautiful as Vancouver on a sunny day. I wouldn't trade it for anywhere. The way the sunshines across our ocean waters and the heat on a sunny day gives me this oooey gooey love feeling for our city. 

I had the privilege of photographing Katie & Craig last year and their family at the beach - this time it was their turn to photograph their own little growing family! Katie is due this summer and I was so thrilled when she contacted me to photograph their maternity session in their Yaletown neighbourhood. Even Ben (their fur baby) made an appearance. 

I've posted this before but I'll post it again because I love this quote so much - big thanks to my SIL Kristi for telling me about it. I feel like it describes the importance of enjoying each moment with your baby because they constantly change. It's wild to think about how important a parents role is with their child. Here's to all the amazing parents in the world!

The cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow,
for children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust go to sleep.
I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.
Ruth Hamilton. 1958