Royal Colwood Golf Course Victoria Wedding // Angie & Brad

If I could have music playing the background of a post - this particular one would feature "Fishing In the Dark". In a grand toast to Angie & Brad at that their reception this song was played. It's one of their songs they would listen to as they cooked in the kitchen, or if friends would wander into their home. After their wedding we pretty much had this song infiltrate our everyday - oh infection! Verlon and I would start singing the lyrics randomly throughout the past week after the wedding. Angie and Brad's wedding was truly fun for us this past November. It took place at Royal Colwood Golf Course Club with crisp winter air. 

He would hold her tightly outside in the cold November air and whisper every so often into her ear while holding her close to keep her warm. She would brush off the cold like it was nothing but felt best in his arms. He would squeeze her making her laugh and furrow squish her face - the way she does when she's truly happy in the moment. I like to call it her squishy face. 

The day was filled with love from family and friends, their kids and all around good times. Dancing on the floor to country music echoed throughout the clubhouse. Angie's Mother instructed various line dancing numbers from her classes at Zumba which everyone jumped onto the dance floor (it was packed!). 

Thank you both again for having us - keep fishing in the dark!

Yup, that's me - I'm tide-to-go'in Angie's dress - quick cure for getting rid of grass stains. 

Floral: Red Barn, Victoria BC
Venue: Royal Colwood Golf Course, Victoria, BC