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I'm still dreaming of summer sun and heat over here blog followers! Very excited in the coming months  to show off some pretty editorial reveals and publications featuring weddings I photographed from last season! Figured I'd keep up with the theme of sunshine and heat - leaving you with a sneak peak at an editorial photographed in Victoria with some very fun models! Some of you may recognize them... And the following photographs are of Mahla & Chris' beautiful Dominican Wedding! 

Today I spoke on the phone with an incredible bride and hit it off right away. And then the big question came up "Are you available for our date?".... insert 'DUN DUN DUN' that sound that plays in the horror movies when something is lurking around the corner. My stomach churned as I listened to her fabulous plans, details and venue knowing that I would not get to be apart of it. I smiled while talking to her on the phone, collected her email information to forward her onto some photographers I know of who might be a good fit and available. But a piece of me sighed because I had this amazing connection with this bride and was immediately excited about her, and her future wedding.

This call today just affirmed my feelings about photography, art, and weddings aren't just a job or a business. Rewind to a girl, years ago. Insecure and unsure of her place in this world. So unsure of what to do, who to be, and how could my art could help others. 

I know now that it's something real that I can offer to couples. Something that means so much. And I want to be apart of it. And something so huge they offer to me; to be invited to a date so intimate and important and provide them with beautiful images. I know in my heart I am meant to be doing this. I like to think it's normal to sometimes feel like we're on shaky ground, unsure, and uncertain. But I try to not be afraid of chasing what is important to me, finding my place and making things happen. I know this is what I should be doing, because I've never wanted something like this so badly so here is to six years with a camera and counting.