Stacey & Mike - Snow Engagement Vancouver - Dragonflight Photography

Once apon a time there was a beautiful Princess who lived in a magical land... ok it was Alberta so a little less magical than 'Far Far Away Land' but similar. Meanwhile a Prince was waiting for her in the Beautiful land of British of Columbia's. Okay, I'm trying to write this like a true disney type fairy tale but I feel like I'm failing miserably. Needless to say Boy meets Girl, immediately swooned by her and her wit.

Stacey and Mike met while filming Mike's passion project "Soldiers of the Apocalypse"and since then fell deeply in love and recently got engaged this past November, where Mike sang to Stacey at the Centre for Performing Arts in Vancouver. 

Stacey had mentioned to me weeks ago she really wanted to have snow for your engagement photos since they're going to have their wedding in Banff during the winter. We had scheduled to go to Whistler for their engagement session and strange enough a blizzard hit Vancouver and we had the chance to photograph locally! We had so much fun with these two playing in the snow, it was coming down the whole afternoon in large flakes. I absolutely love photographing in the snow and since it's so rare here in Vancouver it feels magical and special.