Anthony & Samantha // Langley Engagement Wedding Photographer

We're finally back from our own wedding, honeymoon, time in California photographing and attempting to get back into the swing of things with life and photography. Last week during the Vancouver "BC Storm" we whether it with a fantastic couple who were amazing and I can't wait to post their teasers! And this week has been... let's just say long - We had a tree fall on our home, went without power and so this week has been a tad crazy to say the least. And we're working on playing catch up.

But with that being said, I am so thrilled that we get to spend this coming weekend with these two. Anthony & Samantha are dear friends of ours and they are finally tying the knot! Before we left on our wedding & honeymoon we had the chance this summer to photograph their engagement session and here are the images. This weekend is all about celebrating these two and I'm so excited to be there are their photographer. Here's to love, life and happily ever afters.