Rebecca & Evan an Engagement Session in New West

Let me begin by saying this is my 2nd wedding with a member of the Jansen Family! Exciting, heck yes! When I first moved to Langley/Vancouver I started attending the Art Institute studying towards my diploma in Graphic Design - by simply asking for a carpool buddy I met a good friend named Lydia (Rebecca's sister). Which then turned into an amazing friend & her family. From late night study sessions - I'm talking till 5 am + sometimes no sleep trying to work through all our projects never simply having enough time to perfect them. Tamara Jansen & Byron Jansen gave up their rec room/barn so we could have somewhere to sleep when working on projects, the office printer, a jetta and much more when I was in college with their daughter. Then watching our lives change out of college seeing my friend getting married and have her two children! From meeting Lydia I had the pleasure to meet her siblings - photographing Lawrence's wedding earlier this year. My first magazine feature! And now, Rebecca's wedding to Evan this October!!

Rebecca and Evan must be meant to be - considering Evan is from out East! I always feel that when someone finds love, and it involves tremendous distance that they were meant to specifically break boundaries and find each other! I'm so very excited to be apart of their wedding day and had an amazing time photographing their engagement session.

Rebecca and I hadn't really been familiar with each other prior to the wedding, she is a busy girl attending Trinity University and Evan is part of the major growing business of Darvonda (the greenhouse). I had always thought this golden haired beauty was shy, well was I ever wrong! The minute I put the camera up she lit up like the sun (fitting right, with her hair?). She posed, she smiled and worked it like a super model. Evan loving held, caressed, and kissed her so sweetly - giving away his excitement that he is excited to spend the rest of his life with Rebecca.

Thank you both for choosing me - can't wait for your wedding!!!!