Friday, March 17, 2017

Emma McCormick Events - Introducing One of Victoria's Best Wedding Planners! - Victoria Wedding Photographers

Emma McCormick Creative Planning & Production
Victoria, BC Wedding Planner
Vancouver Island Wedding Award Winner for 2016!

I'm very excited to share some images of not only a dear friend but a planner extrodinaire from Victoria, BC! I've been lucky enough to have Emma assists of some projects including my own wedding and anniversary! This shoot was taken at Emma's office in Saanich and her wonderful team including Chelsea & Stacey. Emma is incredibly creative and a visionary with creating unique and new events. She strives to create new ideas and fully immerse guests or viewers to be in the moment of whatever event she touches.

"We call it Creative Planning for a reason. Our full-service Planning packages are completely customized for each and every client we work with. We take a truly unique approach to planning every single one of our weddings and events and love to create packages that make sense for our couples and event hosts. Whether you need a “take the reins and go” kind of planner or a “backpocket bestie” kind of planner, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll happily take the lead on everything from handling the budget and sourcing wicked vendors that suite your one-of-a-kind style to sending out the invititations and managing the RSVPs, from sourcing beautiful guest welcome bags and ensuring the hotels are booked to making sure the flower girl’s shoes are on the right feet. We’re there every step of the way, including right by your side on the big day." 
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Breanne & James Teaser Photos - Langley Greenhouse Wedding in Vancouver, BC suburbs - Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Dragonflight Photography -Langley Wedding Photographers

Breanne & James

Verlon and I have this term we like to use and it's called "a marriage of intention" when referring to marriages that will last. Mind you we barely have 2 years under our belts so we're no guru's of unending marriages but like to think we ourselves have a marriage of intention. I know for a fact that Breanne & James do. The way they would express their profound love for each other as they talked about faith, conversations and conflict resolution within their relationship was so uplifting to just listen to. Couples like this get me so excited about marriage. We are in such a unique time in 2017 where couples are more aware than ever before about keys to building marriages that last. I'm so proud of these two and was incredibly honoured to be apart of their big day. 



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Oh and a Happy St. Patty's Day - Maybe another round! 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fleurs de Ville - Mayfair Centre & Fairmont Empress - Victoria Photographer - Dragonflight Photography

Lucky enough to be over in Victoria to catch the lovely Fleur de Ville Event at Fairmont Empress & Mayfair Centre. With such creative talent in Victoria it was amazing to see the ideas of floral couture dawning the atriums. Fleurs de Ville means Flowers of the Cities. The goal of the event is so showcase local florists and designers creating beautiful displays of art.

Over the weekend they will be hosting an European inspired pop-up flower market in Mayfair Centre. Want to be the winter blues? Bring in some spring blooms! 

Would you wear a completely floral gown? 

1st on our Fleurs de Ville Journey was a stop at the lovely Fairmont Empress Hotel to meet a royal.

This incredibly installation was designed and created by Tina at Platinum Floral with the help of Emma McCormick Events. Intricate details of Kate's dress when she visited Victoria were recreated in this gorgeous floral piece. Such incredible detail to create this gorgeous nod to royalty.

  If I could pack something frivolously with me everywhere or I was a royal, I'd truly make a point to bring a suitcase with colourful blooms!

Next stop was Mayfair Shopping Centre 
Above: Again, The lovely Tina from Platinum Floral Designs & Emma McCormick rock this beauty with dramatic colours and textures.

(Below) Was to excited to see Colleen from Foxgloves Flowers
I over heard a few guests at the event talking about how it reminded them of a line that Yves Saint Laurent once dawned on the run way!

Lastly, Jane & Erin from Petals Plus bringing the tropics to the gloomy winter weather. With nods to the flapper era and usage of palms for their 2nd installation I'd be willing to totally dawn the tropic's gown for a Hawaiian luau!


Platinum Floral Designs

Emma McCormick Events

Foxgloves Flowers

Petals Plus

Monday, February 27, 2017

Breanne & James - Cypress Mountain Engagement || Langley, Vancouver, Victoria Wedding Photographers

Breanne & James

There is nothing that excites me more in my line of work like when I see a couple that I feel strongly about that will have a fantastic marriage. Having a few sit down moments now with these two just gets me excited for them and their marriage and all couples doing the work. The way they spoke fondly about what will be their new adventures and navigating their firsts with each other with dedication. The way they spoke about their faith and putting God in their relationship and how their faith brought them together.  I'm so thrilled for J&B in a few weeks is their wedding and I'm over joyed to be apart of their big day.