Vancouver Engagement Photographer - Hennie & Lance

Let me start this off with an immense amount of gratitude for one of my couples - Hennie & Lance. When I first met the two of them, and they told me about their love of hockey - I melted. Hockey has a special spot for me - it was how me and my brother bonded. Everyday after school during the hockey season as a kid (this is pre-lock out #1....) I'd do all my homework right away so I could sit on the couch with my brother Marco and watch hockey with him. This was when I had a tiny girl crush on Cloutier, and Linden was the main man. I'd get really excited on hockey nights because I knew most of them time Marco would stay and watch hockey. I'm not really sure which one I loved more watching hockey or hanging out with my big brother.

After moving to the mainland and struggling to connect back into hockey -- I met Verlon & Rikki... and well, the rest is history. I may not have as much passion as they do (24-7 in the know)... but nothing compares to being in an arena with screaming fans and live hockey. It's been a thing of mine to get photographs on all our travels in our jerseys - or make sure we wear them in airports while traveling... *cough* T.O. especially.

So.... when Hennie contacted me and told me where we would being doing their engagement photos... I jumped up and down and shrieked like a kid on christmas and then I worried.... worried that it was too good to be true... BUT it happened! Last week we had the pleasure of going on a tour with our guide Elizabeth, and security gentleman named Greg - who were seriously AMAZING! Staff at the arena were so informative and really just let us have free rein during the tour. I had a chance to meet the guest services manager Almyra on the day of. I made sure to check in with Elizabeth (our tour guide) to make sure what was okay to photograph and it was so much fun! We went to places that most fans will never go and see.

For photographers and geeks alike: Biggest difference for me from most of my shoots was no flash/fill flash... yup... so kids this is when knowing your settings is important. Lucky for me I was using the 5d Miii and my 24-70mm F2.8 or 50mm 1.2F which helped. Holla to using the best of the best pro gear! It was such a difference since I mostly focus my photography on natural light. I loved the change up and the challenge. And really it was the Vancouver Hockey Hub, how can it not be amazing!

Thanks again Hennie & Lance :)

And then we headed outside to enjoy the sun and finish off their session in fomal attire. 

One important part of the session is that when Lance proposed he never actually got down on one knee... well Hennie made sure that happened on our session and I loved how she giggled and blushed when he did! How cute is that!!!