Little White House, Kailey-Michelle Events & Me - Fort Langley, BC

I fell in love with Little White House when I first moved to Langley back in 2006. Before it had the lovely cafe - there was always something about this little house that I absolutely loved. If you follow my Facebook page,  you'll know what I'm talking about. How I post photos of my tea dates whenever I stop at Little White House. Not only that, but most of the dresses I wear to photograph Weddings have come from Little White House in the front retail. Cheryl (owner at LWH) always picks up the most unique pieces from Paris and brings them to sweet little Langley. I always look forward to going to LWH so I run into Cheryl or her daughter Natasha.

There was plenty of afternoons where I just went to go and have my noon tea, and relax. The perfect way to clear my head when things would get busy. The best sort of "coffee" break. I'm sure if you have visited Little White House in Fort Langley, or plan to - you will fall in love with it, just like I did.

February of this year I had the pleasure to meet Kailey-Michelle from Kailey-Michelle Events and we decided to meet at Little White House. Having a classic Earl Grey tea while meeting a very talented creative sounded like the perfect afternoon. Fast forward to now, after meeting with the exquisite Cheryl - the three of us are all now collaborating at Little White House to offer such an exclusive wedding package.

Ladies, if you have not picked your venue for your wedding, I highly suggest taking a afternoon and going to Little White House. You'll never want to leave! 

I'm really excited about our collaboration and to meet many new exciting couples who love LWH as much as I do.
little white house fort langley