Lazy Blogger and Photos! | Engagement and Wedding Photography Abbotsford, BC - Whiterock, BC

Alright I am most definitely the laziest blogger! I don't feel like I have enough epic stories to type up - but so much has been going on this summer - I've got a couple great tellings to share! This past year has been such a whirl wind of changes and photography. I want to invite you all to come on this journey with me, I'm attempting to give a little bit more of myself on my blog postings and fill you all in on more things about myself, my photography and whatever else pop's into my head. I feel like I've been flying by the past few months since April, and all of a sudden today I opened my iCal to read "Hey Ashley, It's July!!!". I've been a naughty girl and super behind in posting posting onto my blog. I've got great engagement photos I'm going to post today, from Graciela and Rambert. I met Graciela via online contact, and I am incredibly excited for this Paraguay born couple's wedding July 10, in Abbotsford. I had the pleasure of photographing their Engagement in Whiterock, BC - at the pier. Immediately, after the initial getting over the awkwardness of ultra PDA in public. - Yesterday I photographed their wedding in Abbotsford BC.

(above) - This was their web gallery card - I love the bold green in the grass, and they both look fab!