I do - someday!

January has been such a busy month, two very amazing weddings, and many a meeting with new couples for 2011 and 2012 weddings. This past weekend - Verlon (my best mate) & I went down to Bellingham and had a small shopping trip while tending to getting new tires put on my Saab. We were walking around Barnes & Noble and it just clicked - I love, "love"... that's right, I'm a total sapp for Valentines. Not so much the consumerism of the day, or the fact that boyfriends, and husbands feel obligated to do something for it - but something different. 

February, not valentines day so much - everything fills up about couples, love and sweet things involving anything shaped hearts. Okay, a lot of it is incredibly commercial - but deep down you don't need to spend a dime on the materialism. I kind of feel that with busy lives, love is often forgotten or placed by the way side. Those sweet notes left to find when no one is around, or surprises left in your car -- sometimes we forget to keep up with surprises. Love changes through time, and relationships mature - the way we show love changes. We musn't forget to always cherish the love we have. I kind of feel that we/I have in the past gone through the year and February is just that reminder "hey you have a great man or family etc - make sure they know you love and care about them!!"

I was given a book a couple years back called "The 5 Love Languages" it's a Christian author, talking about relationships and how to make them work and why sometimes we feel like something is missing and your partner doesn't. It's an amazing book - seriously read it, instant clarity! Discovering how we need to communicate love to a partner, or receive it - so important so that your "love" cup is always full.

I'm a hopeless romantic, and believe in an old fashioned love - and truly believe it does exist. The kind of love that, they make you want to be better and strive for more (okay sometimes we need that swift kick). All I'm saying is, ladies & gents - try to not forget or procrastinate... tell her/him you love them on a regular basis - life is short, make sure they know you cherish them.

I'll finish my ramblings with a photo from Erin & Larence's wedding. Their holding their niece Celina.