Valentines Day -- Just another Tuesday With Candy

Valentine's Day is just another Tuesday this year with candy. Hope you all are having a wonderful evening with your loved ones - as I will be too! Happy Valentine's Day!

-- To Verlon,
Thank you for getting home from work and being fine with taking pictures... because I'm an addict
Thank you for getting the yummy pizza for dinner
You spoiled me rotten today, and yesterday and the week before, and the month before - and all the time.

I'm so thankful we don't need a holiday to do little things for each other and we do it throughout the year.

But hey, heart themed gifts are cheesy and awesome --

I love you very much and without your love & encouragement I don't think I could truly peruse my dreams.


I am most excited to fill these out with Verlon. We're writing notes in a bottle for each other and sealing it until a "date" of our choice. Verlon writes the best notes. :)

And the winner of the 2010/2011 Bride's Tiffany & Co Giveaway -- this was a giveaway announced last year is: