Victoria, BC Engagement Session // Angie & Brad

She does this adorably cute scrunchy face when she is settling into his arms, comfortable and secure. She looks up at him sheepishly with butterflies still in her tummy after all these years and makes the face. He grabs her and plays with her in his arms - smiling that he can too be comfortable and silly with his girl.

Angie is really good friends with my sister in law - Nicky and was a bridesmaid at her wedding. She told me it's hard to get a great photo of her (mission, accomplished in Meixco at Ric & Nicky's wedding). And then Brad & Angie both tell me - "just so you know we're terrible in front of the camera, we don't photograph well"....

Yup. uh, huh. LIARS! Angie and Brad are naturals in front of the camera for those beautifully canid playful moments of real genuine smiles and laughs. They are the ideal couple to photograph because they know how to let loose and 'play'. When you feel comfortable with your photographer, as a couple it will be so much easier for you to let loose and play.

So go on, and go wrestle your spouse on the couch, kiss them all over their cheeks, steal a piece of their cake, give them a tap on the rear, pick her up when she's washing the dishes - please just never forget to 'play'.

“Anyone Can Be Passionate, But It Takes Real Lovers To Be Silly!”