Super Excited!

So besides the freezing cold temperatures yesterday, Brad and Cheryl's wedding was a beautiful event! With warm smiles and love from family and friends, there was no better way to celebrate a wedding then with the people that joined in witnessing their celebration of love :)

I'll be posting a couple of the photograph's here onto the blog, but I went through the photos this morning and couldn't resist but be excited for one of the detail shots. Its of the rings on a vintage typewriter, each ring on the couples initials. I can't wait till I go through all the photos, Brad and Cheryl photographed beautifully! 

On a side note I'd like to ask everyone to keep my uncle in their prayers and his family, he was taken to the hospital in Victoria. He will pull through this, but a little prayer goes a long way. 
"Pray, and let God worry" - Martin Luther

TTFN as Tiger would say,