A Seattle Birthday Trip - places to visit in Seattle

The week before last was my birthday and Verlon and I decided to go to Seattle for a quick trip on my birthday. With the car loaded with our over-night bags, plastic champagne glasses and passport we headed towards the border. A two hour border wait may have interrupted our night but having one on one time with each other doesn't matter where it is, as along as we're together. You learn to appreciate moments where there are no interruptions so much more as you get older... (hah, cheesy since I'm now one year older).

We stopped off at the Cheese Cake Factory for my slice of cake with candle, then followed up with playing games at GameWorks. I personally love the carnival style games, or penny fall games. We proudly walked away with 1000 tickets and took home the prizes of candy, my sweet tooth was content.

In the morning we followed up our amazing adventure to Crepe de France in Pike Place Market. An absolute must if your visiting Seattle. I LOVE CREPES! Okay, well, I also love anything Parisian. I feel like I was secretly meant to live between the Eiffel tower & the canals of Venice. We wandered the market taking in all the small shops on the many floors. This is my 3rd venture to Seattle and I always feel like I never see enough. I love Seattle and I hope sometime that I will be able to photograph a wedding there (yay visas!)! It's fabulous and totally reminds me of Victoria.