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I'm still dreaming of summer sun and heat over here blog followers! Very excited in the coming months  to show off some pretty editorial reveals and publications featuring weddings I photographed from last season! Figured I'd keep up with the theme of sunshine and heat - leaving you with a sneak peak at an editorial photographed in Victoria with some very fun models! Some of you may recognize them... And the following photographs are of Mahla & Chris' beautiful Dominican Wedding! 

Today I spoke on the phone with an incredible bride and hit it off right away. And then the big question came up "Are you available for our date?".... insert 'DUN DUN DUN' that sound that plays in the horror movies when something is lurking around the corner. My stomach churned as I listened to her fabulous plans, details and venue knowing that I would not get to be apart of it. I smiled while talking to her on the phone, collected her email information to forward her onto some photographers I know of who might be a good fit and available. But a piece of me sighed because I had this amazing connection with this bride and was immediately excited about her, and her future wedding.

This call today just affirmed my feelings about photography, art, and weddings aren't just a job or a business. Rewind to a girl, years ago. Insecure and unsure of her place in this world. So unsure of what to do, who to be, and how could my art could help others. 

I know now that it's something real that I can offer to couples. Something that means so much. And I want to be apart of it. And something so huge they offer to me; to be invited to a date so intimate and important and provide them with beautiful images. I know in my heart I am meant to be doing this. I like to think it's normal to sometimes feel like we're on shaky ground, unsure, and uncertain. But I try to not be afraid of chasing what is important to me, finding my place and making things happen. I know this is what I should be doing, because I've never wanted something like this so badly so here is to six years with a camera and counting. 

Wedding Album Design - Dreaming of Sunshine

I am craving sunshine and heat right now so the biggest perk of my job right now is designing beautiful albums from the late summer. I'm living in the photos of the sunshine and bright colours. Last blog post I showed on the blog was of the finished product a photo-book album. Today I thought I would post digital design proofs. I send my couples a PDF of the design of their album before it goes to print. This way they can make sure they're happy with the photo selection and placement. Its their album after all and keepsake so I'd like them to make the final decision.

The designed pages I am posting today are from Danielle and Stephen's back yard wedding, you can view the photos here. During a pre-wedding consultation couples have a chance to see all the album options when we discuss booking their wedding.

I hope you enjoy the mini-escape to the summer sun with these photos!

Wedding Albums - Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Wedding Album design season is what I like to call winter. We had our last wedding on December 12th and I'm so very excited that January has been filled with album making and client consultations for 2013 remaining dates & 2014! I feel so blessed that 2013 is 90% booked! We only have a few dates left. I'd really like to thank all our amazing couples who have have written such kind words about us on Wedding Wire Dragonflight Photography Reviews. Without your kind words giving confidence in future couples and your referrals I wouldn't be able to be living my dream of creating art and photography. I live in real life fairy tales all year - with couples who are getting married. Many of these couples once clients have now become friends. I feel so overwhelmingly excited to share in so many couples lives! I was re-reading those amazing reviews this past week as I need inspiration to write a description about us and figured it would be best said by previous couples.

I needed to write a description for editors at various publications along with submitting wedding photos for features. With help from Verlon we sat and looked at my screen blankly trying to think of the words; just puzzled what to write. It felt like a giant ode to our amazingness and let's write how much more awesome we are than everyone else because I've been to school and been featured and blah, blah blah. I just wanted couples to read what was important about us, not all the fluff. Thanks to one of our couples Vruti & Dave (tying the knot in July), she wrote me earlier in the week and said we were "amazeballs" and then it was just the only thing we could think of. I was so tempted to write the description including it but we opted for "vino sipping connoisseurs" in its place. I wrote what I would want to hear as a bride - don't worry we have you covered. You can TRUST us, like you would a best friend. 

A photographer spends a lot of time with you on the day of and I tell this to all my couples that I meet with. Love the style of photos but also feel comfortable. You will know if you found the right fit. We have tied ties, bustled bustles, rescued broken bouquets, saved stained dresses all while making sure we get the photo of your groom looking at you teary eyed as you walk down the aisle. 

I figured since I haven't posted any album design photos in a while, I'd show off Jolene & Ben's photo-book album. I design the layouts myself and the couple does the final approval. Photo-book albums are a great way to include almost all your photos from the day of instead of printing hundreds of 4x6in prints. This photo-book option is available with packages or I also offer an amazing italian album with thick metallic pages and an acrylic cover. I'll post some photographs of that album next.

I think the best part of working on the albums is reliving the wedding days of my couples. Remembering all those moments that went into the photographs and finding new favourites from the day of. And then to see all the photographs in print just feels amazing. All those special details couples have worked so hard on, showcased in photographs.

This blog post was just a giant love fest for clients and new clients! I'm so very excited to be involved in your lives in such a special way. Thank you. 

Vancouver Family Photographer - Introducing Danika

When a family thinks of me for photographing them each year as their children grow - it's such an honour. Bruna & Dan called me a few years ago to photograph their newborn baby Isabella and since have photographed her cake smash and family photos. This January it was to introduce baby Danika to the world!

naturally big sister was a star in front of the camera.

Hello 2013! We're back! 2013 Bride's Choice Award

We're in the new year and meeting with lots of great new couples for 2013 and 2014 wedding seasons! I feel so incredibly blessed as I've been booking like wildfire! Thank you so much to all the incredible couples that we've grown to become friends with and we're so excited to be apart of your wedding day!

This year is going to be full of amazing new things from a new website launch! Yay! I'm so excited to show our new branding for this year! Lots of fun editorial shoots are being brewed right now for the new year, really excited to get the ball rolling with some exciting pro's in the industry. We've got travel dates planned for 2013 weddings in Victoria, Vegas, 100 Mile, Toronto, Lower mainland and our own exciting travels including visiting my family in Portugal! Yes, I'm over the moon stoked! This year is already showing big plans and we're only 9 days in! eeek!

The other big news is we have been awarded the 2013 Wedding Wire Brides Choice Award! I was contacted this week and feel so happy to receive this award based on my couple's kind words! The award is given to pro's in the top 5% across Canada & the US!

Be prepared to see lots of amazing things on the blog this year!