Friday - Date Night!

It's Friday, the day before. Lots of prepping happens today - from double checking all my gear, cleaning and various other fun photographer to do's. But after everything is packed away and ready for tomorrow's Wedding. My dress for tomorrow is neatly placed beside the bed, with my shoes. Somewhere in there is a call to Dayne to make sure he's ironed his shirt (he's going to get me for this lol). After everything is ready, then it's onto my Friday night date night with Verlon!

We like to keep a habit of a weekly date night, where we a - go for dinner, b - get take out (oh such rebels!), c - watch a movie at home or at the theatre. Last Friday we went for dinner at Browns in Langley, it's like a cactus club knock-off with better food I guess. But this week was different, we watched the sunset earlier in the week at Crescent Beach, the other night I wanted to do another walk-about at Rocky Point Park for tomorrow's wedding (i love adventuring with Ver). So tonight, it's movie night! When we're together I feel that all the mundane things are so much more "exciting" together. I feel like I sound like a school-girl talking about her crush. I'm sure if he was reading this he'd probably say something along the lines of "hunny, this is why I didn't want to date you when you were 16" or something like that heh (we didn't start dating till later). Having him around knowing that he's been around and seen me grow and change from that awkward teenage (c'mon we all were there once) to an adult now makes me feel like he understands me, my dreams, and my goals. He doesn't mind when I pull away for a minute or hour if I need to take a call and talk to a bride. Or if I'd like to get ahead on editing. 

But until then today will be filled with LOTS of replying to emails (yay, for happy new brides! holla!) and editing. You know your in Wedding Season when all you want to do is stay close to the computer and edit all these new pictures! 

Here's some still-images from our sunset watch at Crescent Beach this past week.

this capture was by Verlon, not bad right? I Love that he likes photography too!