Snow Days are for photos, cuddles & movies | Langley, BC Photographer

In the process of writing my 2011 Year in Review - all the amazing photo-sessions I had the pleasure to be apart of from family photography, boudoir, engagement & weddings this past weekend started the first snowfall of 2012. And then distraction settled in.

"Let's go, Verlon - Let's go play in the snow or go take pictures! Feels like it's been forever since we've taken any pictures of us!" (I think what lured him in was pouty eyes from 5'4 me looking up to 6'1 him -- yes I really do "look up to him"). 

Lucky for me, today was a snow day for Verlon - he works outdoors and in this type of weather it's unsafe. So today was a snow day. We started the day off at our favourite coffee shop for breakfast while watching the flurries come down - Dayne had a snow day too so he joined us for breaky. After the yummy mocha, and wraps it was off to the park. 

With a tripod and my camera I was determined to get some photographs of us in the same way I would photograph any of my clients (in future I'm hiring someone, even if it's incredibly short notice for a snow day in future - running back and forth to a timer is EXTREMELY tiring). I'd eye the composition with Verlon in it and then move the tripod accordingly with my 5D mii & 50mm F1.2 ready to go for photographs of the two of us together.  What the timer missed was me throwing snowballs at Verlon and him replying back "the camera is saving you right now from a snowball" - what can I say, true love -- right?

Verlon is really awesome at photographing, he has a great eye. Today I was feeling up to the challenge as he said "your turn". Usually the only thing I can bust out awkwardly is hip-hop rapper signage with my fingers. Today, I wasn't allowed. This whole day only made me more excited to hire on a pro for a session so that when I was hugging in close to Ver, I wouldn't have to wonder if I pressed the timer hard enough or when it's going to go off. This spring I'm going to book a session asap! Even though Verlon is a pro & took really great pictures of me - which was so different, I like being behind the camera!! It made me so happy to see photograph's of us together. At this point I couldn't imagine not taking photo's every year for every season. heh. 

I'm really lucky that Verlon has an amazing eye too - thanks funny for the great pics of me :)

After the photographs there was an afternoon with cuddles on the couch (I may be cuddling and writing this on my laptop - yay for working from home) and episodes of Top Gear U.K. -- thank you Netflix. I love Snow Days because there's really no reason to leave your home, or do anything else but be with each other. Hope all you lower mainlander's are enjoying your snow day too!

my x-mas gift sure came in handy today in the snow! thanks love!

my favourite bracelet from SHINE JEWELS-- 9234 Glover Road -- Fort Langley BC 
Pretty much one of my favourite accessories I own from Shine Jewels -- I love this little boutique in Fort Langley, if your looking for something unique - it's an amazing place.