Victoria Wedding Photographer - Laurel Point - Aya & Daniel

When his best man spoke about Daniel meeting Aya it was clear that Daniel was excited when they first met each other. Even though his friend's teased him that Aya mustn't be real, as she was from Victoria - it didn't bother Daniel at all. He found an amazing, cool girl and wasn't about to let her go.

After a long distance relationship, Aya picked up and moved to Calgary to be with Daniel. They loved to do pretty much everything together from sports to board games. Yup, that's right Daniel is a big board game pro and Aya manages to keep him on his toes.

Verlon and I headed over to Victoria for the long weekend to photograph their wedding and loved every minute of it (even the ferry riding.... for the 727,172,821,618,1827 time... just kidding). Laurel Point is GORGEOUS! I photographed at Laurel Point back in 2009, but it was in the winter. Verlon and I completely fell head over heels for the sunset view from their reception room. It's hard to find a place on the island that captures the sunset so beautifully, and Laurel Point really knocks it out of the park.

Aya & Daniel opted for a first look and a late afternoon ceremony and it could not have been more perfect. The light in the late afternoon is so beautiful and we enjoyed it for the outdoor ceremony, family photos and reception in the glass banquet room. Lucky for us, Aya & Daniel had the pent house suite and wanted to do sunset photos, so we headed upstairs for 10 minutes and caught the beautiful sunset in the Victoria Harbour.

Love all of Aya's handmade invitations!! Each one is different.

The First Look:

Loved this moment I captured during the ceremony, Aya had a strand of hair that was blowing across her face, and Daniel brushed it away... c'mon ladies, how romantic is that!

They had a rose exchange during their ceremony - I've never seen this before and it was such a cute idea

The view... wow.

running off to the pent house for sunset photos

Aya's father giving a traditional karate performance

{ bride's dress: 

{co-ordinator : Ashley at Laurel Point, Victoria}

{florist: Rook & Rose, Victoria}

{ cards, designs & signage: by the bride, Aya }